Heartstopper and Sex Education stars play queer lovers in stunning new music video

Bel Priestly in Henry Moodie's new music video, closure.

Heartstopper star Bel Priestley and Sex Education star Olive Gray have illustrated a moving queer love story in a new music video.

Trans actor Priestley, who appeared as Naomi Russell in season two of Heartstopper, stars in the video for “Closure”, by British pop singer Henry Moodie.

She’s joined in the clip by Gray, a non-binary actor who appeared in season one of Sex Education and stars Commander Miranda Keyes in Paramount+’s TV adaptation of the video game Halo.

Priestley and Gray play queer lovers from “two alternate universes” in Moodie’s three-minute video, which sees the pair battling to get to each other as the actors around them appear to be hold them back.

While the duo do eventually manage to have a heartfelt embrace, it’s cut short when it’s revealed that they must go their separate ways.

The video is described as an ode to the queer clubs of London, with rising star Moodie – who boasts more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram – revealing that he wanted to share a message of queer acceptance.

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“This year has seen LGBTQ+ rights around the world threatened and governments politicising the trans community for their own gain,” he said.

“I wanted this video to be a celebration of queer love, told by the exceptional Bel Priestley and Olive Gray. There’s no LGB without the T.”

Priestley, who initially found fame through documenting her transition journey on TikTok, landed her big breakthrough role in season two of Alice Oseman’s Heartstopper earlier this year.

Her character is a trans teenager who befriends fellow transgender teen Elle Argent, with the duo plucking up the courage to apply to the same art school.

In one of the season’s most-moving moments, Naomi speaks to Elle about what it would mean to be able to go to school with another trans person.

Heartstopper season three began filming earlier this month and is expected to air next year.