Televangelist Pat Robertson claims America will be nuked if it passes the Equality Act

The 700 Club host Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson has claimed that the US will be facing a nuclear attack if it passes the Equality Act, a LGBT non-discrimination law.

The televangelist and host of The 700 Club made the prediction on his nationally-syndicated TV show after Democrats in Congress submitted the Equality Act, which would extend existing civil rights laws federally to cover discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

During a TV segment on the proposed law on Tuesday (March 19), Robertson warned that people would “perish” if it passes.

He said: “If you read the book of Romans, you find a time when the Bible says, ‘God gave them up to unclean passions.’

“Women lusting for women, and men lusting for men like women.. and that’s what’s happening now.”

Equality Act will leave USA vulnerable to nuclear attack, Pat Robertson claims

He added: “When you figure one percent max of the nation are lesbians and maybe two percent max are homosexuals, and now they’ve got this whole thing about gender transition, where little boys decide they want to be girls.

“They want men to go into women’s bathrooms and women’s locker rooms… the whole thing is chaotic.”

Robertson added: “The Bible says, when there is no vision of God, the people perish, and we have gone to the point where God will give us up.

The 700 Club host Pat Robertson

The 700 Club host Pat Robertson, 88

“We’re threatened by nuclear attacks from Iran and North Korea, cyberattacks from China and Russia… the whole world wants to destroy America and it cannot succeed if the American people will hold onto their faith in God.

“If we give it up, if we give up voluntarily, then there’s no hope for this nation against the enemies trying to destroy us.”

It’s not the first time Pat Robertson has vented about LGBT+ people

Robertson’s show The 700 Club airs on Disney-ABC channel Freeform, which is contractually required to air The 700 Club under a legal agreement that stems from the channel’s original ownership by the Christian Broadcasting Network.

In 2016, Vulture reported that Robertson had rejected a multi-million dollar contract buyout offer from Disney that would have seen the show taken off air.

In February, Robertson claimed that gay people are willing to destroy society to protect “their weird way of doing sex.”

Robertson said: “The incredible thing about the homosexuals is they are willing to destroy lives and destroy the whole fabric of society so long as they and their weird way of doing sex is legitimised.

“That’s what they want, and they will take away everything. They will destroy marriage, they will destroy families, they will destroy, in this case, the foster children.

“They are willing to tear down the entire edifice in order to have the majority of people recognise the way they do sex.”

Robertson added that gay people are “taking charge of the rest of us because they are so vocal and dominate legislative bodies.”