Mum claims ‘being gay is a choice’ on Good Morning Britain

Pride event primary school Izzy Montague

A Christian mother has claimed that being gay is “a choice” while appearing on Good Morning Britain.

Izzy Montague, who is a client of anti-LGBT lobbying group Christian Concern, was invited on the ITV show on Thursday (March 21) amid protests over LGBT+ education in England.

In a debate opposite gay dad Tom Cox, Montague claimed that it is a “choice” to be gay.

Good Morning Britain guest: Being gay is a choice

She said: “Of course I believe it’s a choice. I made a choice on what I think is right or wrong. I don’t remember ever thinking, ‘Am I gay or am I straight?’

“Even if I was gay, I personally believe I would, based on my belief, think a heterosexual relationship is the right course of action for me.

“No one has forced you to be in a gay relationship. It’s a decision you made… it’s a preference.”

She added: “There’s the feelings of being gay, where you say, ‘Well, I have an attraction to the same sex,’ and there’s the actual homosexual lifestyle. I have a heterosexual lifestyle.”

Cox said: “My son is five years old. He is living and breathing two dads, this is normal to him.

“Homophobia is taught, you’re not born with it. What you are born with is your sexual preference, you’re either gay or you’re not.”

Izzy Montague appeared on Good Morning Britain

Izzy Montague appeared on Good Morning Britain. (ITV)

Montague objected to LGBT+ events at her son’s primary school in November 2018, pursuing a complaint through the Christian Legal Centre.

She claimed her son was “being forced to take place in an event that goes against our Christian beliefs,” also challenging the school’s decision to display posters from LGBT+ rights charity Stonewall.

Good Morning Britain guest ‘scary to listen to’

People criticised the segment on social media on Thursday morning.

One wrote: “Izzy Montague is just scary to listen to. I thought we were past the belief that being gay is a choice. This is why we need to educate children on LGBT rights.”

Another added: “She is the exact reason why children should be taught about LGBT at school. ”

Christian Concern claims that “divorce, homosexuality and transsexualism” are destroying the traditional family structure.

Montague’s comments come amid growing protests from groups of religious parents who are opposed to LGBT-inclusive education in England schools.

The protests were started over the No Outsiders programme taught at primary schools in Birmingham, but demonstrators have since also targeted schools in Manchester to voice objections to teaching about LGBT+ issues.

The issue came to a head in Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday (March 20), when Theresa May failed to condemn the protests.

Gay Labour MP MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle challenged the Conservative leader to “condemn bigots that don’t want LGBT+ people to be heard in schools,” but May responded by saying she would “write to him with the detail of guidance that is given to schools.”