Republican preacher: Homosexual activists are ‘servants of Satan’

Former Republican candidate E.W. Jackson

Former Republican candidate and evangelical preacher E.W. Jackson has claimed that gay people are “servants of Satan.”

Jackson, who was the Republican Party nominee for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia in 2013, made the comments on his online radio show “The Awakening” on March 27.

The preacher, who more recently ran in the 2018 Virginia Republican primary for the US Senate, hits out at “homosexual activists” in a clip picked up by Right Wing Watch.

Republican preacher: Activist homosexuals ‘willing to hurt us physically’

He said: “These activist homosexuals want to destroy people. They want to bankrupt you, they want to get you thrown out of your job, they want to destroy your business, they want to punish you in every possible way.

“And the reason they want to do that, they don’t understand this but we know, the reason they want to do that is because they are the servants of Satan, and all he wants to do is steal, kill and destroy.

“I didn’t say they’re Satanists, but they are the servants of Satan, and so they see Christians standing up for the word of God, and they hate us and think that we’re the most horrible people in the world and that we need to be destroyed.”

Jackson claimed that “anything else they think they can get away with they’d be willing to do to us, including hurt us physically.”

Gay people have hijacked word ‘gay’, Republican preacher claims

The preacher also claimed that gay people have “perverted” the meaning of the word “gay.”

He said: “I don’t know what to call this thing, but it’s an abomination to God. I really have an abhorrence to using the word ‘gay’ because I’m tired of allowing them to appropriate the language and change the definitions of words so that you can no longer use them in normal parlance and vocabulary.

Former Republican candidate E.W. Jackson

Former Republican candidate E.W. Jackson

“The word ‘gay’ used to mean happy, carefree, joyful, and now it means homosexual, but of course, this is what Satan does.

“Satan perverts the language in order to advance his lies, because if you know what the Bible teaches about homosexuality, there ain’t no way a homosexual is gay. That’s not happy, joyful fun; that’s misery.”

Jackson has previously claimed that Ellen DeGeneres is “sexually confused.”

Speaking in 2017, he said: “I guess Ellen DeGeneres would say she’s a woman but she likes other women… but she’s not a man! To me, folks, it’s just confusion.

“Look, here’s the reality, if a woman is a lesbian and likes women, say masculine-type women, why wouldn’t you just like a man? To me, the whole thing is just confusion, and the Bible says it’s confusion.”

Lesbianism is not mentioned in the Bible.