Scrabble adds ‘genderqueer’ and ‘transperson’ to dictionary

A game of scrabble.

Scrabble has added a number of new LGBT+ related words to its dictionary, including ‘genderqueer’ and ‘transperson.’

The additions are among 2,862 new words, intended to reflect modern society, which have been added to the game.

Players using the new LGBT+ inclusive words can score highly as ‘genderqueer’ is worth 22 points, the 4th highest scoring word in the new addition. Selecting the word ‘transperson’ will instead get you a score of 13 points.

The gender-neutral pronoun ‘Ze’ has also been added, as well as ‘cisgender,’ which is used to refer to a person whose gender identity corresponds with the sex assigned at birth.

Scrabble board.

Scrabble adds LGBT words.

The newest word with the highest tally is ‘hackerazzo’, which describes a person who hacks a celebrity’s own computer, scoring gamers 27 points.

The last time the game updated its dictionary was in 2015.

Points scored for new LGBT-related Scrabble words

  • Genderqueer: 22 points
  • Transperson: 13 points
  • Cisgender: 13 points
  • Ze: 11 points

Other 2019 introductions to the game include ‘upskirting’ (17), ‘remainer’ (10), ‘bae’ (5) and ‘blud’ (7).

Fans of the game had mixed feelings about the announcement, sharing their thoughts on social media.

“Bae is now a legit word in Scrabble? Gross,” one person wrote on Twitter, while another admitted, “Scrabble is a great game, but my spelling is so bad that I make new words up all the time.”

The addition comes as other platforms are striving to be more inclusive of modern LGBT+ terminology.

In April, the Merriam-Webster dictionary announced it was adding three new trans words to its dictionary.

The dictionary’s website said that 640 words were added last month, including “gender nonconforming,” “top surgery” and “bottom surgery.”

The three new trans words in the dictionary

  • Gender nonconforming: exhibiting behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits that do not correspond with the traits typically associated with one’s sex.
  • Top surgery: a type of gender confirmation surgery in which a person’s breasts are removed or augmented to match their gender identity.
  • Bottom surgery: a type of gender confirmation surgery in which a person’s genitalia are altered to match their gender identity.