Anti-LGBT pundit Caroline Farrow hit with injunction over ‘abusive tweets’

Caroline Farrow appearing on Sky News to oppose LGBT+ inclusive education

Anti-LGBT media pundit Caroline Farrow has been ordered to cease contact with a transgender lawyer over a “barrage” of abusive tweets.

A High Court judge granted an injunction against the former Catholic Voice columnist on Thursday (May 2), ordering her to stop mentioning lawyer Stephanie Hayden.

Hayden said she was forced to take action over a string of abusive tweets from Farrow.

Farrow frequently appears in the media as a pundit opposing LGBT+ rights reforms, having spoken against same-sex marriage, gay parenting, LGBT+ inclusive education, and transgender inclusivity.

Injunction orders Farrow to stop ‘abusive tweets’ about transgender lawyer

The court heard that Farrow repeatedly referred to Hayden as male across a long series of derogatory and insulting messages, which spanned several months.

Mr Justice Bryan granted an injunction that bars Farrow from mentioning Hayden.

The judge also warned Hayden to cease tweeting about Farrow, according to the BBC.

Media pundit Caroline Farrow

Media pundit Caroline Farrow

He said: “The tweeting has got out of control.

“Each have said things in those tweets which, in the cold light of day in this court, I would anticipate they would rather wish they had not done.”

In a tweet after the proceedings, Farrow said: “As a result of events today, I have decided to take a break from social media until the court case is resolved.

“This is partly because of legal advice. More importantly, it’s because I simply want to remember what it feels like to be a mother, wife, and frankly a human being.”

Caroline Farrow previously faced hate crime probe

Farrow previously made the news in March, when mainstream media outlets incorrectly reported that police were investigating her for “misgendering” the daughter of Susie Green, the CEO of transgender children’s charity Mermaids.

The commentator claimed her comments were a “Freudian slip,” telling media outlets that she didn’t do it with malicious intent and was referring to her daughter as a son in the past tense.”

However, Green clarified to PinkNews that her hate crime report was related to tweets from Farrow that accused her of “child abuse” and of illegally “mutilating” her trans daughter.

In a series of posts, Farrow accused Green of castrating her 16-year-old child, writing: “What she did to her own son is illegal. She mutilated him by having him castrated and rendered sterile while still a child.”

Another tweet read: “I think it’s time everyone called out Susie Green and Mermaids policy for what it is. Child abuse.”

A third tweet added: “Susie Green may feel that giving her son off-label illegal medication and drastic surgery was the path of least harm in her circumstances but she shouldn’t project and impose it on other vulnerable kids as best practice.”

Green later withdrew her police complaint, in order to be able to speak out about the “misleading” coverage of the issue.