Sean Cody adult film star under fire over Confederate flag tattoo

Sean Cody star Zane

A Sean Cody adult film performer is facing anger, after it was revealed that he has a tattoo of the Confederate flag.

The popular gay adult film company is under pressure over the revelation about the performer, who is identified on-screen as ‘Zane,’ and has starred in several releases.

Sean Cody ‘blurred out’ performer’s Confederate tattoo

Fans had noticed that a prominent arm tattoo appeared to have been blurred when Zane made his Sean Cody debut in a solo film earlier this month, before appearing in a scene with star performer Jax.

The mystery deepened further when it emerged that the tattoo was photoshopped out completely from still photos promoting the shoots.

Fans discovered what was being hidden from view after finding a trailer for Zane’s solo scene which had not been blurred.

The Sean Cody performer with the unblurred tattoo

The Sean Cody performer with the unblurred tattoo

According to a not-safe-for-work blog run by adult film industry journalist Zachary Sire, the tattoo depicts the state of Texas emblazoned with the Confederate flag, which is widely considered a white nationalist hate symbol.

A spokesperson for MindGeek, which owns Sean Cody, told the outlet: “The Confederate Flag was blurred due to the fact that it may not resonate well with the gay audience.”

Adult film company slammed for decision to release blurred footage

Sire wrote: “The model Zane having a Confederate Flag tattoo is bad enough, but you know what’s actually worse?

“Sean Cody being fully aware that the flag is considered a racist symbol, choosing to put the guy in their videos anyway, and then haphazardly trying to hide it from viewers.

“If Sean Cody really believed in their content, they should’ve just released this scene without blurring the racist symbol.”

— Zachary Sire

“If Sean Cody really believed in their content, they should’ve just released this scene without blurring the racist symbol. What are they afraid of?”

Commenters were not impressed by the decision.

One wrote: “This is just pure nonsense all around. It’s one thing that they hired, filmed and released these scenes and to also treat its members like idiots after knowing that we know what they’re blurring airbrushing out of the pics and videos.

“I think [adult films] may be one of the last safe spaces for racists to work openly without any repercussions for being openly racist and having racist symbols tattooed on their bodies.”

Another added: “You would think that after word got around about this dude having a racist symbol on his body, Sean Cody wouldn’t do anymore business with this dude or show anymore films he may have shot with them but here we go with a new scene with this loser.

“This shows that SC has no integrity whatsoever and the best way to fight this is to not support this site.

“Teach them a lesson with your wallet. The ball’s in your court and not ‘those’ balls either.”

The scenes now appear to have been removed from the company’s website.

It’s not the first time the site has had trouble with a performer.

In 2017, a Sean Cody performer was found guilty of brutally murdering his millionaire boyfriend.