Former Sean Cody gay porn film star sentenced to 99 years for murdering his Alaskan doctor partner

Jordan Joplin

Former Sean Cody gay porn actor Jordan Joplin has been sentenced to 99 years for murder of his lover of six years, who was a surgeon in Alaska. 

On 9 April 2024, Joplin, 38, was sentenced to serve 99 years for one count of murder in the first degree and one count of theft in the first degree. His sentencing was in relation to the 2017 murder of 58-year-old surgeon Dr Eric Garcia, who he had been his friend and romantic partner of six years.

The maximum sentence for first-degree murder in Alaska is 99 years, with the lowest sentence that can be given being 30 years. 

In his sentencing, superior court judge Michael Wolverton said that Joplin’s offences stood out in his 40 years of experience due to his “intentional and careful planning” of the murder. 

He condemned Joplin’s “ brazen and craven” conduct. 

Joplin was known as Zack on Sean Cody, Logan Cruise on and Bromo, and Rob Stonebridge on Randy Blue, according to records.

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Sean Cody is a gay porn company founded in September 2001, which largely features young, muscular white men who have no prior pornographic experience.

According to the State of Alaska Department of Law, an autopsy of Garcia found that he died from a fatal dose of morphine, methadone, lorazepam and diazepam.

Following his death, Joplin stole expensive belongings from his romantic partner’s house, including a valuable collection of coins, watches and jewellery and a collection of liquor, all exceeding a value of $320,000.

Detectives discovered that Joplin had arranged the move of three shipping containers from Garcia’s residence to his own in Washington. Garcia’s phone and wallet were also found inside Joplin’s Washington residence. 

Joplin had also made transfers totalling more than $30,000 from Garcia’s bank accounts and detectives found a video taken on 17 March, 2017 that showed Garcia unconscious and struggling to breathe. 

Following the video being filmed, detectives discovered that Joplin used Garcia’s truck to drive to the airport and return to his Washington abode.