Gay porn performer released from prison early after extorting Republican millionaire

Sean Cody performer Teofil Brank. (Twitter)

Gay porn performer Teofil Brank, better known as Sean Cody’s Jarec Wentworth, after serving four years in prison for blackmailing and extorting a Republican donor, has been released early.

After serving 70 weeks out of his nearly six-year prison sentence, the adult film star was transferred to a residential re-entry management in Long Beach, California, to spend the remaining five months, Str8Up reported.

After Brank began a sexual relationship with high-profile donor Donald Burns, the star later blackmailed the Republican for thousands of dollars.

What happened?

For years, Republican campaigns from Mitt Romney to Rudy Giuliani have pocketed from Burns’s contributions.

But after expressing an interest in funding the adult film industry, Burns met Brank and entered into a sexual relationship, according to court documents.

The wealthy business-person would pay for sex from Brank before enlisting the actor to recruit other men willing to have sex with him for money.

Brank would receive a $2,000 commission for every man he brought to Burns.

However, around two years into the arrangement, Brank threatened to expose Burns as having sex with men and demanded $500,000 in cash as well as given Burns’ Audi sports car valued at around $100,000.

Porn performer attempted to blackmail rich Republican for thousands of dollars. 

Burns hastily agreed to these conditions, but Brank later sent more demands – be given access to his downtown Los Angles apartment and around one million dollars.

While Burns did agree to do this, he cooperated with the FBI to set up a sting operation at a local Starbucks coffee shop. It proved successful, and Brank was arrested.

Officers later found a loaded magnum revolver in Brank’s car.

Brank has long maintained his innocence, however.

“My attorneys didn’t fight the case as I told them to,” he wrote in an email to SUGP.

“They didn’t question witnesses how they were supposed to. I told them to ask the questions I was writing down [during trial], only for them to say: ‘No, no, we got this.’

“They were in on it, too.”