Sean Cody gay adult film star Jordan Joplin charged with murder

A former gay porn actor has been charged with the murder of a surgeon in Alaska.

Adult entertainer Jordan Joplin, 32, was charged with theft from surgeon Dr. Eric Garcia in 2017, according to KTUU.

He has now been charged with Dr. Garcia’s murder.

Joplin allegedly stole two tons of valuables – including expensive watches, gold and a coin collection worth as much as £350,000 ($500,000), according to a Ketchikan grand jury.

Jordan Joplin (Sean Cody)

He faces charges of first degree theft and murder, both of which he has pleaded not guilty to.

Police are yet to confirm exactly how Dr. Garcia died.

Joplin, who was known as Zack on Sean Cody, Logan Cruise on and Bromo, and Rob Stonebridge on Randy Blue, visited Dr. Garcia on March 16 according to records.

He was reportedly due to attend a medical conference with the surgeon, but he never showed.

He rang local police to report the issue, and officers received no response when they enquired at his Alaska property.

When Joplin was back in Alaska he let police into the home using his spare key, where they found Dr. Garcia dead.

Officers say they believe he had been dead for around 10 days.

“There was nothing suspicious about the actual body or the scene to indicate at the time that there was any foul play,” Dossett said of the March 27 discovery at the time.

Police eventually arrested Joplin and transported him to Ketchikan where he is being held on £140,000 ($200,000) bail.

The trial is due to take place in November 2018.