Mhairi Black hits out at ‘toxic’ fearmongering over trans rights

Mhairi Black MP

SNP MP Mhairi Black has spoken out about a “toxic” backlash against transgender rights.

In an interview with JOE, the lesbian Scottish National Party MP hit out at opponents of trans inclusion.

Both the Scottish government and UK government have come under fire over proposals to streamline gender recognition laws and make it easier for trans people to gain legal recognition as their chosen gender.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has even faced significant dissent from within her own party from lawmakers who oppose ‘self-ID’ reforms.

Mhairi Black:  Self-ID will not lead to ‘swathe of rapists and perverts’

Black accused opponents of trans rights of spreading “misconceptions and outright lies” about trans people.

She explained: “From the get-go, a lot of the people who have concerns about trans issues complain that they are not getting the chance to be heard, when in actual fact it feels like all we’re hearing from is those people.”

Speaking to JOE, she added: “It’s actually common practice internationally, it’s recognised that self-ID is the best system.

“Malta, Ireland, Denmark, none of these places have seen these swathes of rapists and perverts suddenly identifying as women.

“It just doesn’t happen. I think a lot of the stuff is just based on misconceptions and outright lies.”

Policing women’s spaces leads to misogyny

She also took aim at the “misogyny that hides behind the trans-exclusive feminist argument” of wanting to police female spaces, adding: “Do I pass as a woman? I’m regularly told I want to be a man, just by the fact I dress differently.

“I’m not trans, I’m a woman, but my entire life I’ve felt excluded from female groups and spaces.”

She added: “What they’re doing is creating a situation where women feel emboldened enough to challenge me when I’m going into the toilet.

“‘Can I see your gender certificate?’ No you can’t, I’m a woman! ‘Could you prove it for me?’ Do you want to look at my bits?

“You’re the pervert there, not me, so why am I being labelled one? That’s why it’s causing so much pain to the trans community.”

Mhairi Black challenged anti-transgender viewpoints

Mhairi Black challenged anti-transgender viewpoints (Official photo)

Addressing trans-exclusive feminist viewpoints, she added: “A lot of the women who are raising concerns about this have fought and won a lot of rights that benefit me.

“But in the same way they used to look at the older generation and think, ‘I appreciate you’ve got this far but there’s more to do,’ I wonder if this is now a generational thing.”

She added: “When do we ever hear of trans men being talked about? That is because these women are coming from the point of view of, only a man can be dangerous to me. That’s not true. Your genitalia does not decide what your actions in life are going to be. You can’t have it both ways.”