Piers Morgan slams ‘bigot’ doctor who won’t use patients’ correct pronouns

piers morgan slams doctor who won't use correct pronouns

Piers Morgan went head to head with a doctor who refuses to use his patients’ correct pronouns on Good Morning Britain (GMB) this morning (July 9).

Mackereth sought employment last year as a work and health assessor at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), meaning that he would assess the health of those applying for benefits.

However the DWP enforced the Equalities Act 2010 and turned down his application, stating that he would have to use clients’ indicated gender and pronouns.

Dr David Mackereth is a Christian and told GMB: “By changing the way we use pronouns we completely change who we are as a society and who we are as people… As a Christian, I believe that to use pronouns in that way is dishonest and I cannot do that in a good conscience.”

“I don’t believe a person can change sex, I don’t believe that a person can change gender or that sex and gender are the same thing.”

Morgan responded: “Do you understand that that makes you a bigot?”

Asked to define “bigot” by Mackereth, Morgan described it as someone who is “woefully intolerant of people who go through an extraordinarily long and painful transition process, both physically and psychologically.”

He continued: “They do it because fundamentally they believe they were born in the wrong body, the wrong gender, the wrong sex… Shouldn’t you just find it in your Christian heart to actually respect that?”

‘The bible tells that God has made us male and female,” the doctor said. “He made us for his own glory.

“If I’m a bigot then the whole of Christianity throughout history is bigotry. I don’t believe that, I believe Christianity is the truth of God.”

doctor who won't use patients correct pronouns

Dr David Mackereth refuses to use patients’ correct pronouns because of his religion. (ITV)

Piers Morgan called the doctor “self-righteous” and a “bigot”

Morgan made the point that if Mackereth were to take the Bible literally, the punishment for adultery is stoning.

He said: “Given your self-righteousness, do you wonder around the streets of your city looking for people who are looking at people in a lustful way and stone them to death. And if not why not?”

“Jesus Christ told you to be tolerant of people as well and you seem to have failed that test,” Morgan continued.

“You are citing the bible to defend your bigotry. We have all moved on from large swathes of the bible.”

The doctor said Morgan was “ranting at him,” but the presenter finished the interview by saying: “I think we’re done here. Let’s get David some stones.”