Australia’s anti-LGBT lobby targets transgender kids in schools

Mark Latham and Kirralie Smith of Binary Australia have launched the campaign targeting transgender kids

Australia’s Mark Latham is working with anti-LGBT lobbyists on a campaign to target transgender kids in schools.

Latham, who heads the far-right One Nation party in New South Wales, helped launch the group’s new campaign to push against trans-inclusive school policies on Wednesday (August 7).

Anti-LGBT lobbying group Binary Australia, previously known as Marriage Alliance, is distributing the campaign packs to parents’ groups.

Anti-LGBT campaigners urge parents to target schools

The “Anti-PC packs” tell parents to quiz their children’s schools about which toilets trans students use, whether “biological males” are allowed to do sports with girls, and where trans kids are permitted to sleep on group trips.

The group claims that school children are being “indoctrinated” by “radical gender activists.”

Speaking at the launch, which was attended by other right-wing lawmakers, Latham said: “This problem is increasingly common in NSW schools, urged on by left-wing political activists.

“Schools made a big mistake when they stopped being places of learning and ventured into the world of mental health assessment and radical gender theory.”

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Binary Australia head Kirralie Smith claimed the pack “equips parents with knowledge of their parental rights and how to keep their child safe against radical transgender indoctrination”.

She added: “Barely a day goes by when we don’t hear from another parent concerned about what their child is being exposed to at school transgender speakers, de-gendering language, pronoun police, explicit sex education programs and inappropriate library books.”

Campaign targeting transgender kids mirrors tactics in UK

The campaign mirror the tactics of UK-based anti-transgender activists, with lobby group Transgender Trend launching school resource packs in 2018.

Leading LGBT+ campaigners tore into the “disingenuous and deceitful” packs, pointing out that they are not based on “research or factual evidence.”

However, while Transgender Trend is associated with the UK’s ‘gender critical feminist’ movement, Binary Australia is more explicit about its ties to the evangelical anti-LGBT lobby.

The group was born out of defunct anti-gay marriage lobbying group Marriage Alliance, carrying over the large following and campaign database it had amassed.

Targeting transgender kids: Damian Wyld and Kirralie Smith of the Marriage Alliance in 2017, announcing the rebrand to Binary Australia

Damian Wyld and Kirralie Smith of the Marriage Alliance in 2017, announcing the rebrand to Binary Australia

In 2017, during the country’s plebiscite on same-sex marriage, Kirralie Smith parroted claims that “the end game is to redefine marriage so that polygamy and eventually paedophilia would become legal.”

Smith warned her supporters: “It is a socialist Marxist agenda to destroy the family… there are several examples from overseas where same-sex marriage has been legalised and now the push is on for polygamy and other distortions to marriage and family.”

She said: “Please don’t be like one of Lenin’s useful idiots who promotes an agenda without understanding the ramifications.”

The campaigner added: “This is about a socialist Marxist agenda and we will be marching to our own destruction if we don’t engage in some thoughtful and reasonable debate.”

Latham was also an opponent of same-sex unions, claiming he was worried the law would allow transgender people to get married to people of the opposite sex.

The politician was sacked as a Sky News pundit in 2017 after he refused to apologise for describing a school child as “gay” on-air.