Trans man finds out he is certified legally male in emotional video

A 24-year-old trans man says that he is “speechless” and on “cloud nine” after receiving his Gender Recognition Certificate, which confirms his gender as legally male.

Zach Brookes, a student who lives in Birmingham, posted a video showing the emotional moment he opened the envelope containing his GRC.

“Now I’ve got the exact evidence of who I am,” the 24-year-old tells PinkNews. “I feel like I’m on cloud nine, it’s the best feeling that any person would feel in my position.”

Brookes says it took around a month for him to get his GRC. The process by which trans people change their legal gender was established by the 2004 Gender Recognition Act, which the government has delayed reforming after several promises to do so.

Brookes says that he was “speechless” and couldn’t put his feelings into a sentence, but told PinkNews he felt nervous as he opened the envelope and relief once he saw what was inside.

“When I was child I was isolated,” he says. “Because as a child I was diagnosed with autism, which at the time was difficult to come out cause I struggle a lot with communicating to people.”

Now I’m just a guy that gets on with on life.

“It was difficult for me to express the pain I was going through, plus I experienced a lot of bullying from childhood to now.

“That affected my self-esteem, to come as a child, and since I came out in July 2013 as an 18-year-old I felt more relieved and alive – now I’m just a guy that gets on with on life.”

Brookes also had a message for younger trans children: “My personal advice to younger kids is to always be yourself and go with your heart, with the decision you make. To be patient during the process – even though it’s not easy, it will be worth it in the long run.”