This is what it would take for Russell T Davies to bring back Queer as Folk

The original Queer as Folk cast.

Queer as Folk creator Russell T Davies has revealed he would consider bringing the original cast back for a 20th anniversary episode – but only if the money made from a reunion went to charity.

During an appearance at the Edinburgh TV Festival, the screenwriter was asked if there were any plans for a revival featuring the cast from the original Channel 4 show, which aired in 1999.

“Not really,” Davies answered, according to the Evening Express. “I did a show called Cucumber which was about men in their late 40s and 50s, and what life was like then.

“You would just be disappointed, wouldn’t you? Creaking their way along Canal Street. We would be saying ‘What kind of sex scenes can we do that are new?'”

Russell T Davies: ‘Never say never.’

However, Davies continued: “Never say never. Give me a million quid, Channel 4, and I will be there. I think that reunion shows are often disappointing, aren’t they? Maybe a charity thing or something.”

The original Queer as Folk starred Aidan Gillen, Craig Kelly and Charlie Hunnam as three men living in Manchester’s gay village. The show was originally conceived as an eight episode limited series. Queer as Folk 2 later aired in 2000, which was a two-part follow-up.

I think that reunion shows are often disappointing, aren’t they? Maybe a charity thing or something.

Last year, it was revealed that a reboot is in the works – however, it will tell the story of a new set of characters.

Upcoming reboot will feature new characters in a new setting.

The reboot will feature entirely new characters in a new setting, according to Variety. It is described as a modern take on the original series.

It is unclear as of yet when the new Queer as Folk will be released, however the show has reportedly found a home on NBCUniversal’s streaming service, which is set to launch in April 2020. It had previously been touted for Bravo.

Closet Monster director Stephen Dunn is set to write and direct the project, with Russell T Davies acting as executive producer.

The show’s original run garnered huge success and was later picked up for a US adaptation set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The US version of the show ran from 2000 until 2005.