There’s no such thing as ‘heterophobia’, according to this equal rights group

Activists want to hold a Straight Pride parade in Boston

On the eve of Straight Pride in Boston, a leading LGBT+ rights groups in Massachusetts has said there’s no such thing as “heterophobia”.

Boston’s Straight Pride, organised by a group called Super Happy Fun America, is due to be held on 31 August.

Robb Johnson, the acting executive director of grassroots advocacy organisation MassEquality, said in a statement, “We absolutely reject the idea – prominently featured on the Parade organisers’ website – that straight people are oppressed.”

Super Happy Fun America’s website claims that straight people are “America’s most brutally repressed identity”.

Mark Sahady of right-wing group Resist Marxism is one of the organisers behind the march, alongside pro-Trump Republicans John Hugo and Chris Bartley.

Johnson said, “MassEquality works to ensure that everyone in the Commonwealth can thrive without discrimination and oppression based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. That language is inclusive.”
“The non-discrimination and hate crimes laws that LGBTQ people fought long and hard for protect straight people too.  If a straight person feels targeted or excluded based on their sexual orientation or gender identity, they now have avenues to pursue justice. Straight rights are indeed human rights – and they’re already protected.

“Straight people’s rights are not diminished when society makes room for LGBTQ people. There is space at the table for all of us. MassEquality supports a vision where we live together in peace.

“That said, MassEquality does support the right of all Americans to lawfully assemble, whether that be in peaceful protest or in celebration. We also support the right of counter demonstrators to gather to peacefully express concern about the motives or message of those assembled.

“Unfortunately, we live in a time where we’re witnessing the rise of forces that seek to stamp out diversity in this country. It serves us all to be vigilant.”
Straight Pride originally featured Hollywood actor Brad Pitt on their website as their mascot.

Pitt was removed, and replaced by Milo Yiannopoulos, after Pitt demanded the organisers take down his photograph from their website.