Munroe Bergdorf gives her 25-year-old self advice about men in honest and frank Twitter thread

British model and activist Munroe Bergdorf has shared the advice she’d give her 25-year-old self about men in a frank Twitter thread.

Bergdorf, 31, is the LGBT+ editor of Dazed Beauty.

In 2019, Bergdorf launched a lingerie collection with Bluebella as well as sending a body-positivity message as part of the brand’s summer swimwear campaign.

The transgender activist said she wished she could go back in time with some “home truths” for herself at 25.

“You’re queer, sis… Let go of the heteronormativity. You don’t need it, it’s not for you,” Bergdorf’s Twitter thread began.

“You’re dating hyper-masculine, cisgender, straight identifying men because you feel it validates your womanhood, it doesn’t.

“You’re not ‘becoming a woman’, you ARE a woman.

“You do not NEED to fit your sexuality into a box. It’s there to be enjoyed and explored.

“He doesn’t love you, he’s a narcissist. He wants to own you, outsmart you and control you.

“You can’t fix men unwilling to fix themselves, that’s not your job. Focus on your own issues.

“Boys who lie to the women in their lives, lie to themselves just as much to justify their actions.

“Jealousy is not a sign that he cares, it’s toxic and a sign that he can’t trust you because he can’t trust himself.

“There are people out there who will allow you to become the best version of yourself AND turn you on. Toxic relationship sex only feels good because it’s a reminder of when things were good.

“Eventually he will become abusive. Leave,” she ended the thread.

Bergdorf followed up her Twitter thread by retweeting Nicki Minaj, who had written her own list of five things that “a man who loves you” doesn’t do.