Right-wing pastor claims LGBT people are looking for ‘domination’

An anti-trans, anti-abortion, Trump-supporting pastor thinks he’s figured out exactly what LGBT+ people are looking for: domination.

Saturday, August 31, saw a so-called Straight Pride march in Boston outnumbered by more than 1,000 counter-protestors.

The event drew much ire and ridicule on Twitter, prompting right-wing pastor Greg Locke to bless the internet with his own thoughts.

According to Locke, the reaction to the Straight Pride Parade reveals that LGBT+ aren’t truly looking for equality, but rather domination.

The response to Locke’s tweet was suitably mocking.

But many were quick to point out the obvious flaws in his argument.

Pastor Greg Locke known for his right-wing views.

Locke has a long and colourful history of speaking out against human rights and proven science.

Among the topics he has taken offence to on Twitter are climate change, child vaccinations and gun controls.

In June he was banned from Facebook for sharing a video “stating that the transgender hype is nonsense”,  and has previously compared homosexuality to bestiality. 

Straight Pride Parade flops.

Boston’s Straight Pride Parade drew a few hundred supporters who marched with placards reading “It’s Great To Be Straight” and “Make Normalcy Normal Again,” while a large float featured the messages “2020 Trump” and “Build the Wall”.

Far-right pundit Milo Yiannopoulos, who is gay, acted as grand marshal, telling crowds to “add the S to LGBTQ”.

The march was met with more than 1,000 counter-protestors, who chanted “shame on you” and “alt right, get off our streets”.

According to The Guardian, police cordoned off counter-protestors from the march, leading to clashes.

In one confrontation, an officer reportedly pepper-sprayed several counter-protestors as they tried to obey a request to make more space.

A police spokesperson said that 36 people were arrested, most of whom were counter-protestors, while four officers were injured.

The event’s organiser, Super Happy Fun America, said that it is “committed to creating spaces for people of all identities to embrace the vibrancy of the straight community”. The activist group has several ties to far-right and white supremacist organisations.