DUP politician to lodge formal complaint over heated same-sex Strictly debate with Piers Morgan

Democratic Unionist Party member, Jim Wells, on Great Morning Britain (ITV)

A DUP politician has said he will file a formal complaint to broadcast regulator OCFOM today after appearing on a fiery episode of ITV’s Good Morning Britain with host Piers Morgan.

Jim Wells, an assembly member for South Downs in Northern Ireland, appeared on the morning talk show and argued that gay people shouldn’t be shown on TV before the 9pm watershed.

But as a result of co-hosts Morgan and Suzanna Reid rebutting of Wells’ views, he said he is planning on complaining about it to OFCOM, according to News Letter

The veteran lawmaker asserted that same-sex couples should not be allowed on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. He said the show, which sees celebrities and professional dancers pair up, is “family viewing.”

As a result, to the 62-year-old who opposes marriage equality, same-sex couples should not be allowed to dance. This is despite the show’s broadcaster stating it is “completely open” to the idea.

Morgan and Reid clashed fervently with the DUP politician, which forms the crux of Wells’ complaint.

Morgan called Wells an “old bigoted dinosaur” in response to Wells’ comments.

He added: “You feel challenged because you don’t like the idea of scary gay people around you.”

Jim Wells: “OFCOM, here we come.”

Well argued that the two hosts did not conduct the interview properly.

Speaking to the News Letter yesterday, Wells described the interview as “absolutely disgraceful,” before adding: “OFCOM, here we come.”

He explained: “There were two people on the panel, there was another guy there to speak as well, but he didn’t get a look in because I was absolutely savaged because of Piers Morgan’s bias on the issue.

“I am making a formal complaint. I’ve been at this business 45 years and I am well used to the rough and tumble of it, but I simply can’t allow this to go uncontested. It was entirely antagonistic the whole way through.

“I have been through the mill many times but I know when I have been treated unfairly.”

Asked if he would be put off appearing on such programmes again, Wells said: “No.”

“Because that’s the whole idea — to put me and others like me off.”