You can now buy the ‘bi chair’ for people who can’t sit straight

For those who can't stand for ordinary sitting, there's the bisexual chair mark two (Facebook/Israel Walker)

Do you ever sit there, leg dangling from the chair arm, arm supporting your head, and wonder if chairs could better accommodate those who don’t want to, well, sit straight?

Bisexual folk often struggle with this question the most, at least, according to the internet.

And this is a question that Brazilian artist Má Matiazi last month tried to answer by doodling a “bisexual chair”.

But a pansexual father of a bisexual non-binary person took it two steps further; both building and now selling the bisexual chair.

Israel Walker, a barista from Iowa in the midwest of the US, is now selling the bisexual chair on Etsy on an e-stall called “RadicalizedHobo”.

He’s selling both the original model and an updated design – the “Bi-Chair Mk 2” – which he released yesterday, September 3, on his Facebook page.

“The Bi-Chair Mk 2 IS DONE!” the father wrote.

“You can sit in it as non-straight as you like. It’s ambidextrous, so you can swing (your feet) both ways.

“I designed it so that you can easily make it yourself with only a few basic tools and construction lumber.”

The ‘world famous bi chair’.

Walker and his child are planning to release blueprints of the design for people to make themselves.

But in the meantime, for those without a toolbox in the shed, you can buy the “World Famous Bi-Chair!” for USD$100.

While you can score the redesigned model for USD$12o.

Walker first learned about bisexual sitting from his bisexual non-binary child and their pals, and couldn’t stand for heteronormative chairs any longer.

He quickly reached out to Matiazi to ask if he could build a jerry-built version of her design. Matiazi gave it her blessing, according to a Facebook post written by Walker last month.

“I’d been wanting to make a project with my daughter before the summer was over as both a learning experience for her and as a chance to do something together,” walked told PinkNews.

Why the call the make a second model? “It was important to so many people.

“I guess the Bi-Chair makes people feel validated, and I want as many people to have that experience as possible, so I am writing plans that will let people make their own out of basic lumber and simple tools. Those plans will be free.”

Walked admitted that, while he has yet to sell a chair, he’s excited about where the chair will take him.

“‘The Internet’ has apparently assumed I’m this ‘woke straight dad,’ I suppose because I dress casually, I’m a veteran and work with my hands?

“I’m for humans and against bisexual erasure and non-binary erasure, so I am largely the supportive dad I’m being presented as.

“That narrative is true, and if it’s the most helpful one, I’m for it, but in addition to those things I’m ALSO pansexual, not terribly masculine, and polyamorous.

“In a bit of ironic hilarity, a feel-good-story about bisexual and non-binary visibility just assumes I’m a masculine, straight dude. I don’t mind the Bi-Chair because I’m in the target demographic.”