Charli XCX holds up bottle of poppers and yells ‘gay rights’ in viral video

Charli XCX said "gay rights!" while holding a bottle of poppers and broke the internet in the process. (Twitter)

Singer Charli XCX has ended homophobia by shouting “gay rights!” while holding a bottle of poppers in a viral Twitter video.

No, really.

In the clip, the pop star raises a Rush-branded bottle of poppers and yells, like the incomparable ally she is, “gay rights!” A meme which has become a rallying cry for people to say anything vaguely related to the queer community is an example of gay rights.

Phillip, based in Brooklyn, New York, met the pop star in a Rough Trade in the borough on the corner of 64 N 9th Street. She posed for a picture and then signed his poppers.

“This is iconic, to be honest,” Charli XCX tweeted in reply.

While Bobby Caruso, a writer based in New York, dropped the video on his Twitter of the singer shouting the chant, later re-posted on Charli XCX’s Instagram.

More than one million people have viewed the clip, which sees Charli XCX wear a Marine Serre moon-print top.

“Charli XCX threw the first bottle of poppers at Stonewall,” one user tweeted.

Another added: “Imagine you have to explain this video to a straight guy.”

“I can’t believe Charlgod XCX just invented gay rights,” said another user.

This clip continues the surreal saga of Charli XCX’s fascination with poppers. In May this year, she joked about creating her own line of amyl nitrite.

“Imagine if I made XCX poppers…” she tweeted.

Moreover, a line in her track ‘Click’ from her 2019 album Charli that didn’t make the cut actually referenced poppers.

‘My fans like pop music and poppers / Guess they really know what’s up,’ the lyric said, according to the singer herself.

Charli XCX said she and Umru collaborated on the song and worked on it at the musical artist’s place in New York.

‘Gay rights’?

In February, Olivia Colman and Rachel Weisz said, “Gay rights!” and changed LGBT+ Twitter for the better.

They walked the red carpet ahead of the British Academy Film Awards and, in-between posting for the paparazzi, a fan asked the nominated duo to shout: “Gay rights!” to their phone camera.

The slogan was actually part of a year-long trend on the worldwide web that al kicked off from a viral Snapchat screenshot that circulated last year of a Papa John’s pizza delivery man captioned: “Pizza man said **** work.”

It then quickly became a meme – as that’s just how the internet works – and then soon birthed the meme: “Donkey Kong said trans rights!”

In other words, the “X is [anyone] said Y” has gone from pizza to Donkey Kong to poppers. Welcome to the internet.