Gays can now get married in Heaven. Yes, you read that correctly

Heaven nightclub will be opened as a wedding venue

The dance floor of London’s Heaven nightclub has been the starting point of many a short-lived romance, but it’s now also open to people looking for something a little more permanent.

The famous gay nightclub has obtained permission from Westminster Council to become a wedding venue ahead of its 40th anniversary.

Gay couples will be offered a chance to get married at Heaven.

Owner Jeremy Joseph told PinkNews: “The application is part of securing Heaven’s future.

“We thought, as so many people meet at Heaven, it’s the starting point of thousands of relationships, wouldn’t it be amazing that people could marry at Heaven?”

The crowd at Heaven nightclub.

The crowd at Heaven nightclub, which is now available for weddings. (PYMCA/Getty)

He added that to celebrate the 40th anniversary, G-A-Y “will be paying for someone’s wedding” at the club.

According to the license issued by Westminster City Council, the club’s “main floor, Star Bar, Stage Bar and balcony” can be “used as a venue for the solemnisation of marriages and/or the formation of civil partnerships”.

A requirement of the license stipulates: “No food or drink may be sold or consumed in the room in which the proceedings take place for one hour prior to or during those proceedings.”

It also adds that “public access to any proceedings in approved premises must be permitted without charge”.

Not everyone on social media was exited by the prospect of a wedding at the nightclub.

One person joked: “Gay rights have gone too far.”

Another asked: “Who in their right mind would want Heaven as a wedding venue?!”

The club’s owner Jeremy Joseph apologised in 2016 after blaming people from Somalia for rising crime in London.