The queer branch of Extinction Rebellion have an important message: ‘There’s no Pride on a dead planet’

Rainbow Extinction Rebellion

Rainbow Rebellion, the LGBT+ branch of Extinction Rebellion, is trying to show that during an ecological crisis, it’s marginalised communities who will be hit first.

Extinction Rebellion has organised a fortnight of international action, which began on October 7, in cities around the world, calling for governments to take immediate action to address climate change.

A spokesperson for Rainbow Rebellion gave a speech in London’s Parliament Square during protests on October 9.

He said: “We are a diverse network hailing from all walks of life, united in the belief that climate breakdown and ecological crisis is not only a crisis of the planet, not only a crisis of migrants, but is a crisis of the LGBT+ community as well. There’s no Pride in ecocide.

“LGBT+ people, particularly migrants, disabled people, trans folk and people of colour, are facing disaster on multiple fronts.

“Austerity is killing us off in vast numbers, hate crimes against us have risen exponentially since the financial crash in 2008, and more recently risen since the EU referendum.

“Homelessness is rising, with 24 percent of homeless youth identifying as LGBT+.”

He continued: “As climate breakdown and ecological crisis accelerates, it is the minority communities and the marginalised who will be hit first. And we refuse to let that happen. We are here as part of a nationwide fortnight of action by Extinction Rebellion.

“The queer community are seasoned protesters. We have fought for our survival before, and we will do it again… This is everyone’s fight.”

On October 8, a same-sex couple staged a wedding ceremony on Westminster Bridge in London, as protesters from Extinction Rebellion shut off transport links in the city.

Extinction Rebellion posted on Twitter: “ExtinctionRebellion has its first marriage. In love, and in rage, they stand on Westminster Bridge to be married. ?‍❤️‍?‍?#RebelForLife

“We rebel for their future. They rebel for yours. We all encourage each other.”