Republican Party keynote speaker says ‘we need to make homosexuality unthinkable again’

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A right-wing activist who gave a keynote speech to a Republican event has referred to Pete Buttigieg as “Mayor Pete Buttplug”, claiming: “We need to make homosexuality unthinkable again.”

Right Wing Watch reports that Dave Daubenmire, more commonly known as right-wing internet persona ‘Coach Dave’, was the keynote speaker at an event for Ohio’s Harrison County Republican Party.

Local GOP leaders snapped smiling selfies with Daubenmire, who has previously compared gay sex to child murder and claimed that playing sports turns women into lesbians.

The Republicans quickly hailed the fundraiser as a success, with executive committee member Chuck Harrah saying the event brought together “like-minded people” who “believe in Christian values”.

Republican activist Dave Daubenmire hits out at Mayor Pete Buttplug.

However, just one day after taking part in the event, Daubenmire returned to his internet radio show, where he vented at gay Democrat Pete Buttigieg, branding him “Mayor Pete Buttplug”.

Republican activist Dave Daubenmire, also known as 'Coach Dave'

Republican activist Dave Daubenmire, also known as ‘Coach Dave’

The Republican activist complained: “I think he calls himself the wife, and says he has a husband… He doesn’t even take the leadership role in his home, because he has a husband, him being the wife.

“If he is the wife, does that mean that he is the inserter or the insertee? Which role would Mayor Pete play?”

Coach Dave: Make homosexuality unthinkable again.

He added: “We live in a society where we are giving serious consideration to a man who performs oral sex on another man. We have to make this stuff unthinkable again.

“What he does in his own home is, in fact, his own business until he wants to be president of the United States.

Dave Daubenmire: ‘We Need to Make Homosexuality Unthinkable Again’ from Right Wing Watch on Vimeo.

“When he wants to be president of the United States, I want to do some scrutiny on what type of moral character this guy has.

“And I’m just telling you this: if this guy’s moral character involves doing what I believe he does have to do in order to have an orgasm, I got a problem with it.”

“We need to make homosexuality unthinkable again. It needs to go back in the closet.”