Pro-Trump preacher unleashes vile homophobic rant aimed at Chicago’s iconic lesbian mayor Lori Lightfoot

Lori Lightfoot: Pro-Trump preacher's homophobic rant at Chicago mayor

Pro-Trump preacher Dave Daubenmire has taken aim at the mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, for being a married lesbian.

Daubenmire, more commonly known as right-wing internet persona ‘Coach Dave’, hit out at the pioneering Chicago mayor, who is one of the few LGBT+ people of colour elected to office in the US.

Dave Daubenmire launches vile attack on Chicago’s lesbian mayor Lori Lightfoot.

On his online Pass the Salt Live internet show this week, Daubenmire shared a photo of Lightfoot with her wife and insisted “nobody sane” would vote for her.

Per a clip recorded by Right Wing Watch, he vents: “I want somebody to tell me how that woman gets elected any place, anywhere.

“That is the mayor of Chicago and her wife. I’m not being judgemental, I’m merely looking at what I see and say to myself, how could any sane person elect that woman to be head of the city?”

Preacher and Republican activist Dave Daubenmire, also known as 'Coach Dave'

Republican activist Dave Daubenmire, also known as ‘Coach Dave’

He added: “This would be the standard-bearer… the picture that the city of Chicago wants to send out to the world as the leader, the top political leader in their city.

“Somebody explain it to me, and you tell me that we’re dealing with sane people.”

Daubenmire added: “We’ve gotten in this mess because we haven’t pointed out the obvious.

“Listen folks, there’s something seriously wrong with this woman if she would marry that other woman. There is something seriously wrong with her judgement.”

Anti-gay preacher has ties to Republicans despite extreme beliefs.

The preacher has previously demanded that gay Democrat Pete Buttigieg be jailed for speaking to a nine-year-old.

After a nine-year-old boy asked Buttigieg about being gay in February, Daubenmire raged at “Pete Buttfudge”.

He said: “Fifty years ago, they would have thrown Buttfudge in jail for even bringing it up and talking about it in front of a young kid. Everybody clapped for this little boy… we’re so messed up.

“What ever happened to shame? Why didn’t his mommy put him in a headlock and drag him off the court? Where’s his daddy?”

Daubenmire added: “Contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a presidential candidate, contributing to the delinquency of a minor.”

The extremist preacher delivered a keynote speech to a Republican event in Ohio last year.

Local GOP leaders snapped smiling selfies with Daubenmire, who has previously compared gay sex to child murder and claimed that playing sports turns women into lesbians.

He vowed: “We need to make homosexuality unthinkable again. It needs to go back in the closet.”