Drag Race UK’s Northern Irish queen Blu Hydrangea announced her wedding plans in true gay fashion

Drag Race UK queen Blu Hydrangea and her boyfriend

Drag Race UK queen Blu Hydrangea has announced plans to tie the knot now that same-sex marriage is finally legal in Northern Ireland – but with one important caveat.

Drag Race UK fans watched this week as Blu spoke about her frustration at not being able to get married in her native Northern Ireland.

The show was filmed earlier in the year, before a law extending marriage equality to the region came into effect.

Blu admitted to being “awfully jealous” of Crystal and Cheryl Hole, both of whom were planning to get married post-Drag Race.

“We can’t get married, it’s illegal still,” she explained.

“Me and my partner have made a pact that we will not get married until marriage is equal.”

As of Tuesday (October 22), marriage is now a reality for LGBT+ couples in Northern Ireland. The first same-sex weddings are now set to take place around Valentine’s Day in February 2020, and Blu and her partner could be two of the first in line.

“I may be getting married but I’m still accepting nudes,” Blu tweeted hours after the episode was released, later clarifying: “I’m not engaged, I just mean in the future.”

Earlier, Blu apologised to the “whole island of Ireland for not doing Nadine Coyle on the Snatch Game”.

Blu Hydrangea wants to be ‘an expression’ of LGBT+ life in Northern Ireland

Speaking to PinkNews earlier this month, Blu said that she had entered Drag Race UK partly to give young LGBT+ people in Northern Ireland representation.

“People look to our country and see repression,” she said.

I want little gay kids to feel like they can live their best rainbow life.

“I want to be the opposite of that, I want to be an expression.

“I want little gay kids to feel like, ‘I can grow up I Northern Ireland and do what I want and live my life, my best rainbow life. I don’t have to be in black and white forever.'”

When asked if she had any words for DUP leader Arlene Foster, who staged a desperate attempt to block same-sex marriage and abortion rights from coming into law on Monday, October 21, Blu added: “We’re all humans, why don’t we deserve the same rights as everybody else?

“If her son or daughter turned out to be gay would she expect them to get married?”