A poster advertising a ‘build a better bussy’ class with a photo of a woman’s rear sent gay Twitter off the deep end

A poster for a 'build a better bussy' bootcamp

Eyebrows were raised when a poster advertising a “bussy bootcamp” with a picture of a woman’s rear was shared online.

According to the poster, which has been liked almost 30,000 times on Twitter, the workout is “tailored to hit each muscle within the gluteus complex”.

“We are going to hit them hard from all angles,” it continues, warning that “space is limited.”

That the poster features a photograph of a woman’s rear caused confusion among the LGBT+ community, being that bussy is a term usually used by queer men to describe their own anatomy.

A portmanteau of boy and p***y, it has, according to Urban Dictionary, “been used for at least 15 years by gay men to describe their man hole of love”.

Naturally, the mix-up sent gay Twitter into a frenzy.

Sadly for those who were truly looking forward to giving their bussy a good workout, the poster appears to be a fake.

Gold’s Gym SoCal shared an image of the real advertisement, which promises to “build a better booty.”

One user joked that the gym was being “homophobic” in failing to cater for the bottom community.

Gold’s Gym clarified that it is “definitely not homophobic” and agrees that “everyone should live their best life”.

Taron Egerton learned what a bussy is earlier this year.

Bussy broke into straight consciousness earlier this year with a viral Buzzfeed video featuring Taron Egerton.

The Rocketman actor – along with countless straight fans – discovered the true meaning of the word back when he was asked to read out a series of thirsty fan tweets.

One fan wrote: “Taron Egerton is a white boy that I trust to destroy my bussy,” prompting him to ask a producer to explain the term.

In fairness to Egerton, even queer men can find themselves confused by bussy.

Queer Eye chef Antoni Porowski was stumped when he too was asked to read out graphic tweets from fans, including one which said: “Antoni could swim in my bussy and I stand by that.”