Donald Trump tweeted about ‘RuPublicans’ and Drag Race fans did the absolute most

RuPaul in front of the White House

Donald Trump was up early tweeting about the “impeachment hoax” when he invented a sickening new political party: the “Rupublicans”.

It was just after 7.30am in Washington, DC when Trump – a man never accused of being a good speller – took to Twitter to bemoan the “very infair [sic] process” unfolding before him.

On Tuesday night, House Democrats unveiled a resolution laying out the next stage of its impeachment inquiry against the president, which will be put to a vote on Thursday, October 31.

The White House said in a statement that the measure “confirms that House Democrats’ impeachment has been an illegitimate sham from the start”.

Donald Trump doubled down on this rhetoric on Twitter, calling “this impeachment nonsense” a “continuation of the Witch Hunt Hoax which has been going on since before I even got elected”.

“Rupublicans, go with Substance and close it out,” he added.

Almost immediately, gay Twitter declared itself a RuPublican state.

Even RuPaul joined in with the jokes – or was she just announcing a presidential run of her own?

As a number of people pointed out, the letters E and U are on opposite sides of a standard QWERTY keyboard, raising questions as to how Donald Trump managed to type Rupublican.

While the president didn’t immediately respond to a request for an explanation, it’s quite likely that it was in fact a mistake, and not reference to legendary drag queen or her hit reality show.

RuPaul has been a vocal critic of Trump’s throughout his presidency. As recently as last Thursday, he was seen on the show telling a contestant that he’s “not my president”.

Other faces on the show haven’t spared any punches, least of all The Vivienne, who won the first-ever Drag Race UK Snatch Game last week with an uncanny Trump impression.