Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp shares his engagement and maybe we do believe in love after all

Anthony Rapp (L) and fiancé Ken Ithiphol have announced their engagement and love just might be real. (Instagram)

With Cuffing Season around the corner, cynical romanticists’ hearts may collectively melt after seeing that Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp has gotten engaged.

The Broadway singer proposed to his boyfriend Ken Ithiphol in Ontario, Canada yesterday.

Announcing the news on his Instagram, Rapp said he was “thrilled” and “so happy” Ithiphol said yes.

Rapp was catapulted into headlines in 2017 after he publicly accused actor Kevin Spacey of sexual harassment.

He was the first industry figure to do so, alleging that Spacey made unwanted advances on him in 1989, when Rapp was 14 years old and Spacey 26.

The allegations forced Spacey to come out as gay and was subsequently accused of various instances of sexual harassment and assault by a number of men.

Moreover, Spacey’s denial of the claim and call to come out prompted immense backlash from the LGBT+ community for its incredibly poor timing.

But what’s the future of Anthony Rapp’s gay Star Trek character?

Years on, and it seems that Anthony Rapp is now spending his days watching Broadway performances and catching tennis matches with his now fiancé.

Rapp also reignited people’s belief in love after starring in the Star Trek series that saw him play lieutenant Paul Stamets.

His relationship with Wilson Cruz’s Dr Hugh Culber quickly emerged as a fan favourite, but Culber’s untimely death ignited outrage from fans.

However in a further plot twist, Culber came back but their relationship was placed on hold.

Rapp has since suggested that the couple’s relationship isn’t over just yet.