Donald Trump’s latest adviser is a right-wing commentator who thinks homosexuality is an ‘abomination’

Clarence Mason Weaver with Donald Trump

Donald Trump has appointed a commentator who has raged about the “abomination” of homosexuality to serve on his advisory board.

Clarence Mason Weaver was appointed to serve in an advisory position on the president’s re-election campaign as a member of the so-called Black Voices for Trump coalition.

The activist, a vocal online Trump supporter, is also extremely anti-LGBT+.

New Donald Trump race adviser Clarence Mason Weaver is avowedly anti-LGBT+.

In a video posted in November 2018, found by Media Matters, Weaver raged about a Best Buy advert featuring a same-sex couple.

He said: “There was no reason for that ad to have a homosexual topic, that ad was placed to make me think it is normal to be homosexual.

“I said [to my granddaughter], ‘No, homosexuality is an abomination. Not just a sin, an abomination’… as a Christian we have to stand up for God whether it hurts someone’s feelings or not. How can you find common ground with evil?”

Clarence Mason Weaver with Donald Trump

Clarence Mason Weaver with Donald Trump

The regular Fox News guest added: “I will not appear on a programme with a homosexual host and pretend like that’s normal.”

In another video the activist said that he homeschools his children, “where we don’t have to worry about homosexual training”.

In other posts on Twitter, he has asked: “WHAT IS WRONG WITH BEING HOMOPHOBIC.”

Addressing a transgender Miss Universe contestant in 2018, he wrote: “This is not gender equality, it is gender delusion. You are a man. You don’t have a womb, you are a guy. It is not gender equality because you don’t equal a women.”

Weaver previously supported California’s notorious Proposition 8 to ban same-sex weddings, and attacked the election of the “openly homosexual” Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot earlier this year.

Black Voices for Trump coalition is packed with anti-LGBT+ voices.

The Black Voices for Trump advisory board also includes Ken Blackwell, an anti-LGBT+ lobbyist for a listed hate group, the Family Research Council. Blackwell has blamed the Obama administration’s pro-gay policies for a rise in terrorism.

Another adviser is Stacey Dash, a former actress who starred in Clueless and who previously told transgender women to pee in the bushes outside, rather than use public bathrooms.

The coalition is apparently co-chaired by failed Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain, who has published blogs comparing gay people to the Borg from Star Trek.

Fox News contributor Deneen Borelli, also listed on the board, previously claimed that Barack Obama threw African-Americans “under the bus” by supporting same-sex marriage.