Kim Petras trolling the Westboro Baptist Church while they protest her gig is the energy we want to take into 2020

German singer Kim Petras gave the gays everything they want and, we cannot stress this enough, more during a gig in the US. (Screen capture via Instagram)

Trans pop star Kim Petras single-handedly ended all homophobia after she trolled notoriously anti-LGBT Christian protesters at her US gig last weekend.

Standing in the cold in beanies and puffer jackets, holding signs saying ‘God hates F**s’ up high, members of the ultra-conservative Westboro Church tried to scupper Petras’ Kansas City, Missouri gig.

But she countered the protesters by trolling them in, well, the most Kim Petras way possible.

‘Hoes mad.’

Ahead of the show, fans had raised red flags to the ‘Clarity’ musician about the prospect of the Kansas-based church demonstrating.

But Petras is no stranger to the Baptist church, and posted on Instagram a ‘news bulletin’ as her official statement.

It featured Famous Dex’s ‘Hoes Mad’ blasted in the background of a mashup of an array of her music videos.

“Hoes mad”, it read, “stay mad, I don’t give a f***”.

Attached was a news release dated November 18 from the Westboro Church organisers.

In it, organisers heavily misgendered Petras we all as announcing their intention to protest the concert at the Truman.

But Petras decided to double-down on her backlash against the church.

‘Update: Hoes still mad.’

Posing in front of church-goers in a black thing bodysuit, thigh-high boots, and styling her with in a high-pony, she waltzed onto Truman Road on a particularly cold evening.

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update. hoes still mad …

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“Update: Hoes still mad,” she captioned the post.

She paired the photo with a video of herself flirtatiously dropping her fur coat.

After the dozen or so protesters picketed the show, Petras was praised by her blue tick pop peers for her level 100 trolling abilities.

“Icon,” declared Katy Perry.

While Todrick Hall said: “Can this be your next album cover, please.”

Grimes added: “This is literally genius.”

“Iconique!” declared Charli XCX.

Kim Petras just gave the gays everything they want. And send tweet.