Sam Smith and Kim Petras rile up bigots once again with raunchy Brit Awards 2023 performance 

Sam Smith in a latex vest singing on stage at the Brit Awards.

Sam Smith can’t and won’t stop upsetting miserable bigots with their recent performances, including at tonight’s Brit Awards.

Riding on stage on a metal car frame, using one of their dancer’s legs as handlebars, Sam launched into another sweaty, queer-tastic performance of their history-making hit “Unholy”.

Smith exuded non-binary excellence in a latex vest, bondage straps, chains and leather trousers, later completing the look with a black top hat with devil horns.

Turning the stage into Kwik Fit garage, Kim Petras slid out from underneath a car wearing black overalls and psychedelic black eye make-up.

As the erotic performance came to a close, the camera closed in on two of Smith’s queer dancers kissing on the hood of a car.

An unsurprising number of trolls claimed outrage on social media, referring to the performance as “so satanic”, “a mockery”, and the “epitome of wokeness”.

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The grim backlash isn’t surprising, considering the duo’s performance of “Unholy’ at last week’s Grammy awards caused a bizarre mass uproar.

Right-wing mouthpieces condemned Smith and Petras as the “demonic left”, while religious zealots moaned that the performance promoted satanism – as if pop stars haven’t been playing with religious symbolism for decades.

Everyone from Elon Musk to the Church of Satan themselves had thoughts on Smith’s Grammy appearance, and it seems their Brit Awards performance is no different.

Trolls were on Smith’s back even before the ceremony started, targeting them for their campy, avant-garde latex look on the red carpet.

Smith’s fans are continuing to jump to their defence following the performance, urging the boring bigots to expend their energy elsewhere.

“If you are getting angry or upset at Sam Smith’s #BRITs outfit, then you haven’t been taking any notice of pop music for the last 40+ years. They are supposed to wear mad s**t, it’s in the job description,” one person wrote.

Everyone from Madonna and Lady Gaga to Robbie Williams and Jesy Nelson have played with devil imagery – it’s really nothing new. 

Another fan added: “Sam Smith’s music has improved tenfold since dressing like this. It isn’t a coincidence. It is the job of a pop star to look odd.”

“Think I must be the only one who f**king loved this performance! I would do anything to see Sam live. I just love everything about them,” a third said, while one fan suggested that the “best thing about this year’s show was Smith’s unrelenting, risqué, performance.”

Sam really doesn’t care about the haters, anyway, as they think they look absolutely fabulous.

Elsewhere at this year’s ceremony, queer artist Becky Hill won Best Dance Act for the second year in a row, thanking the queer community for creating the dance genre.

Beyoncé won both awards she was nominated for, International Artist and International Song, while Harry Styles won four big awards: Best Pop/R&B Act, Song of the Year, Artist of the Year, and Album of the Year.

Lizzo slayed the stage with a three-song medley from her album Special, with her vocals and intriguing, fluffy gown capturing everyone’s attention.

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