Rapper YG kicks off 2020 with an apology to the LGBT community for his ‘ignorant’ views

Rapper YG

Rapper YG has kicked off the New Year by issuing an apology for his “ignorant” views towards the LGBT+ community.

The rapper – whose name stands for Young Gangster – issued the apology on Twitter on Wednesday, January 1.

“It’s been brought to my attention that my old views on life was ignorant,” he wrote.

“I apologize to the LGBTQ kommunity [sic] for ever komin [sic] across like I was anything but respectful and accepting.”

He ended his post with: “Live. Love. Ya Life. Gang!”

Rapper YG: Ex-girlfriend Kehlani is reportedly bisexual.

It is not yet clear exactly what anti-LGBT+ views YG held, however some fans have speculated that he issued the apology as his ex-girlfriend Kehlani is bisexual.

One Twitter user replied to the apology and said: “He only saying that to appease Kehlani.”

Another added: “Kehlani really teaching you the ways of the world.”

I apologize to the LGBTQ kommunity [sic] for ever komin [sic] across like I was anything but respectful and accepting.

YG and Kehlani were linked in September of 2019, but their relationship reportedly crumbled by December after photos emerged of YG kissing another woman.

While some have suggested YG may have issued his apology to the LGBT+ community to appease Kehlani, others have praised the rapper for changing his views.

Rapper J Hus also apologised over anti-LGBT+ comments last month.

YG’s apology comes just weeks after rapper J Hus became embroiled in controversy over an anti-LGBT+ tweet.

In the original tweet, he wrote: “STOP FORCING LGBT ONTO US.

“Live your life I don’t care  but don’t force it onto me especially when you don’t wanna recognise these black struggle,” he wrote.

He later deleted the tweet and followed up: “Okay maybe I’m wrong then. Forgive me. I don’t wanna offend anyone. From my point I saw things different. You can school me.”

He added: “Teach me more, I wanna learn. Yeah I see all the tweets. The culture I practise, we’re not familiar with these things that’s why I have a different view. I don’t hate anyone but I stand up for my culture. Don’t take no offence. Live your life happily.”

Homophobia in rap and hip-hop is a pervasive issue. A wide array of rappers have attracted controversy over anti-LGBT+ views in the past.