Pose star Indya Moore is playing a non-binary character in Steven Universe and we have no moral choice but to stan

Indya Moore and their Steven Universe: Future character Shep

Indya Moore, the non-binary Pose actor, has joined the cast of Steven Universe: Future.

Having made their name playing ballroom star turned model Angel Evangelista in Pose, Moore is now lending their considerable talents to Steven Universe: Future.

Moore plays Shep, Sadie Miller’s non-binary partner who helps Steven process emotions he is having about growing older.

As Steven spends time with Shep, Sadie and Sadie’s ex Lars, he starts thinking about how he is growing apart from his old friends and unwittingly traps them all under a pink dome shield.

Realising that Steven is trying to stop his friends from leaving him, Shep helps Steven realise that his friends will always be there, no matter what life throws at them, eventually dissipating the dome.

Taking place after the events of Steven Universe: The Movie, Future is a limited series intended to serve as an epilogue to Steven Universe, which PinkNews recently named one of the best LGBT+ TV shows of the decade.

Throughout its original run, the cartoon won a legion of queer fans for its tender exploration of gender and sexuality, with its season five finale winning particular praise for its move to reposition the show as a trans allegory.

Indya Moore on being non-binary.

Throughout 2019, Moore has become increasingly vocal in their non-binary activism.

In a January interview with Pose co-star MJ Rodriqguez (in L’Officiel), they said: “I’m non-binary but I don’t really talk about it that much.

“I don’t feel like people really are there yet for understanding it, which I don’t mind, but I also acknowledge the way people see me as a woman.

“And because I’m seen as a woman, a cis woman or binary presenting, people are  going to hold me up to those same standards that women are held up to.”

In March, Moore said they feel they have to tolerate misgendering at times “to avoid conflict/irritation,” adding: “But it’s upsetting to feel like I’m “too much” in a world that takes so much from trans people constantly.”

Moore continued on the topic of pronouns in October, telling The Hollywood Reporter that they had installed a “gender jar” in their agent’s office to “hold people accountable”.

Whenever a person misgenders Moore, they are encouraged to put money into the jar.

“I think we’re at around $2,000 so far,” they said. “I thought it would be a great way to hold people accountable. The more you misgender people, the more you have to spend.”