Dad of ‘Britain’s most prolific rapist’ condemns his son saying he got what he deserved

Reynhard Sinaga

The father of a rapist guilty of preying on straight men in a horrifying string of sexual offences has condemned his actions.

Reynhard Sinaga was jailed for life on Monday for his crimes – including 136 rapes and several attempted rapes and sexual assaults – perpetrated against men he lured from outside Manchester nightclubs.

Sinaga, who prosecutors have dubbed “the most prolific rapist in British legal history”, sent messages to friends referencing his use of GHB to prey on predominantly-heterosexual men.

Family condemns Britain’s ‘most prolific rapist’.

In a short statement on Tuesday, the rapist’s father Saibun Sinaga spoke out about his offences.

He told the BBC: “We accept the verdict. His punishment fits his crimes. I don’t want to discuss the case any further.”

Sinaga – who is from Indonesia – had come to the UK in 2007 as an international student, and remained in academia for more than a decade, with his family paying his student fees while he targeted men in the city.

Friends of Sinaga’s from Indonesia had said he was “flamboyant and popular”.

The rapist Reynhard Sinaga is believed to be Britain's most prolific

Reynhard Sinaga is believed to be Britain’s most prolific rapist

One told the broadcaster: “He was very social, friendly, easy to get along with and fun to work on projects with.”

Prosecutors say that Sinaga approached “intoxicated young men” in central Manchester and lured them back to his “strategically located” flat.

He spiked victims with sedatives to render them unconscious – then filmed himself raping them, in many cases repeatedly for hours on end.

Sinaga claimed his victims were enjoying acting out his ‘sexual fantasy’ of playing dead during intercourse – but his defence was rejected by juries across four trials at Manchester Crown Court.

Reynhard Sinaga ‘may never walk our streets again’.

Ian Rushton of the CPS said: “Sinaga’s unthreatening demeanour duped these young men – many of whom thanked him for his kindness in offering them a place to stay – into thinking this monster was a Good Samaritan.

“But once back at his flat he used victims as objects purely for his own gratification – then appears to have derived further twisted pleasure from re-watching his films in court and putting victims through the trauma of giving evidence.

“I would like to pay tribute and express my gratitude to all of these men for their incredible resilience, bravery and strength in helping us bring these harrowing cases to court.

“They have suffered severe and life-changing psychological trauma but should feel very proud that thanks to them this highly dangerous predator may never walk our streets again.”