Woman pours red wine over aunt’s dress for saying her gay friends will ‘go to hell’

Call off the search parties: we have found the gay ally and hero we need.

At one of those big, dramatic family weddings, a particularly difficult aunt went round causing trouble.

The maid of honour at the wedding spent her time following the aunt around, “putting out fires” that the aunt had started.

Eventually, though, the aunt crossed the line – she made her way to the best friend of the woman getting married, a gay man who was there with his boyfriend.

“She told him she feels sorry that he must hate himself so much to sin so blatantly,” the maid of honour, who posted about the incident on Reddit, recalled.

“She said that she hopes by being friends with my cousin maybe he will be saved before it’s too late because of course there is nothing but fire waiting for him otherwise.”

The maid of honour – who’d already let slide the fact that this aunt had committed an enormous faux pas when she’d shown up to the wedding in an off-white dress – didn’t even give the man time to respond to the aunt’s homophobia.

“I just straight up dumped my glass of red wine down my aunts dress. I didn’t even pretend to trip,” she said.

“Then I said, ‘oh gosh I’m sorry let’s get you cleaned up’ and took her into the back and cussed her out.”

We fully stan this behaviour – especially when, as the woman included in her post on the sub-Reddit ‘Am I The A**hole’: “My cousin already talked to her about her friend being gay so she knew what she said was wrong and unacceptable.”

However, some of the woman’s friends don’t think her behaviour was justified.

“Way more of my friends than I expected are saying the wine and ruining her dress was too much and I should have just escorted her out,” she said, finishing her post by asking: “Am I the a**hole?”

In a later edit, she clarified that she’d paid for the aunt’s dress to be cleaned – before being asked.

“I promise I can be s***ty but not that s***ty,” she said, emphatically.