Gay Trump supporters tried to hold a rally and it went just about as well as you think

The gay Trump supporter event did not go to plan

A group of gay Trump supporters attempted to hold a rally in Florida – and it did not exactly go to plan.

The Broward County Log Cabin Republicans event in Wilton Manors, Florida on Monday got off to a bad start, when only around 12 people turned up.

It then steadily got worse as the sound system failed, LGBT+ counter-protesters turned up, and the keynote speaker decided to go on an anti-Muslim diatribe.

Gay Republican’s conspiracy theory rant drowned out by counter-protesters

The South Florida Gay News reports that local Log Cabin Republicans leader Andrew Brett delivered a speech peppered with “wild claims, conspiracy theories and inflammatory rhetoric.”

Much of his speech was drowned out due to the failed sound system and counter-protesters – who outnumbered pro-Trump attendees three-to-one.

However, in a transcript sent to the local outlet, Brett claims: “The Democratic presidential candidates support socialism in which suporpts [sic] Sharia law.

“The GLBT [sic] Democratic residents of Broward County don’t understand or comprehend the catastrophic results of Sharia Law.”

He went on to target Democratic lawmakers Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib – who are both firm LGBT+ allies – claiming they “are not friends of the GLBT community and support the execution of beheadings of GLBT people.”

Not content with anti-Islam conspiracy theories, Brett also name-dropped philanthropist George Soros – a popular target for white nationalist anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

LGBT+ activists slam gay Republicans for enabling Donald Trump

The event took place underneath a giant rainbow flag in Wilton Manors, which is home to one of the largest LGBT+ communities in Florida.

Local real estate broker Bob Darrow told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel: “I’m offended that they would bring their message to the home of the gay community here in Wilton Manors when everything they stand for goes against equality for gays and lesbians.”

Democratic LGBT+ activist Michael Rajner, who led the counter-protest, added: “I think it’s important to be here because generations that follow us will be subject to the horrible laws and punishments from this administration if [Trump] should be reelected.

“He’s appointed some terrible judges that are hostile to the LGBT community, and our protections are eroding so quickly. We must stand up, we must register to vote, and we must get the community to mobilize to stand up against this hate.”