Dancing on Ice’s Matt Evers hints at possibility of a ‘showmance’ between he and Ian ’H’ Watkins

Dancing on Ice

Dancing with Ice regular Matt Evers isn’t ruling out the possibility of a ‘showmance’ with his skating partner, Steps star Ian ‘H’ Watkins.

After wowing audiences with their stunning routines on the ice, many have been wondering if the show’s first-ever same-sex partnership has the potential to blossom into a romance.

Although H is happily married to his husband Craig Ryder, with whom he has two twin boys, Matt has admitted he could see himself falling for the singer.

Speaking to The Sun, the US skater said: “I’m very much a professional. I’ve never had the chance to have a ‘showmance’ because I’m a gay man and I’ve always skated with females.”

He continued: “This is the first situation that could potentially spur something. At this stage I am so focused on making sure we’re getting our job done, I haven’t looked at the social aspect of our relationship.

“I haven’t looked at him as a potential partner outside the rink, but I’d never say never. He is a lovely man.”

Appearing on a recent episode of the White Wine Question Time podcast, Matt said he had to prepare H for their rehearsals to be very physical.

“The first day was quite personal,” he revealed. “I always tell my partners we are going to get very personal very quickly — ‘I’m going to touch you in places your husband may not have touched you in a few years!’

“The first day I was teaching him to spin, he reached around my back and I said, ‘Grab my waist’ but he didn’t grab my waist. It was basically a full-on — what’s the word? — a rear-end inspection.”

After the overwhelmingly positive response their first performance received, the pair have reportedly asked Dancing on Ice producers to “add some romance” to their dance routines to make them “a little steamier.”