Hate preachers filmed threatening to slaughter gay people on the streets of London in broad daylight

The fringe Church of Yahawashi on the streets of London

Followers of a religious sect were filmed shouting homophobic slurs on the streets of London.

Men identified as part of the fringe Church of Yahawashi, an offshoot of the Hebrew Black Israelites, uploaded footage of their preaching in Dalston, east London.

London preachers vow to ‘put a sword’ through ‘faggots’.

As members of the public walk by, one of the preachers tells the camera: “We just come out of a restaurant, and we had two faggots in there that we had to keep eyes on, because certain brothers, all of the brothers, we don’t like faggots.

“Some brothers reserve their comment, because they want to be doing the slaying. Really, they want to put a sword to you.”

At the suggestion of slaughtering gay people, the other men shout “that’s right!” and “preach”.

The Church of Yahawashi on the streets of London

The Church of Yahawashi on the streets of London

The all-male group, who were linked to anti-semitic incidents in 2019, also hit out at women, claiming: “[They have] no regard for our authority… but we ain’t gonna show no regard for them when the Lord gives us the power to start chopping their f**king heads off.”

Church of Yahawashi ‘espouse disturbing violent hatred’.

Anti-hatred monitoring group Hope Not Hate hit out at the group’s “extreme and violent homophobia”.

In a blog post, the watchdog said: “We have been monitoring them for some time, and are disturbed by the levels of violent hatred they espouse and feel now is the time for the authorities to act.

“The Church of Yahawashi’s racism and violent threats are extreme and shocking. The group displays almost every conceivable form of hatred – homophobia, misogyny, religious bigotry and racism – and much of their preaching is in clear breach of laws against hate speech and incitement to violence.”

The religious sect has reportedly been holding “regular preaching sessions in Brixton, Southwark and Dalston for over a year”, and its members are said to be “obsessed with the idea of an impending judgement day”.

Hope Not Hate added: “It seems clear that the group’s preaching goes well beyond the limits of acceptable religious expression, and constitutes clear hate speech and incitement to racial and religious hatred.

“Hope Not Hate believe that this group pose a serious and violent risk and are calling on the police to take action if they are found to have broken the law.”

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police told PinkNews: “On 28 January police received reports of homophobic and anti-Semitic abuse being directed at individuals in Hackney.

“Officers were subsequently made aware of a video circulating on social media which purportedly includes the use of homophobic language and threats of violence.

“Detectives from the Met’s Central East BCU are reviewing the report and video to deem if any criminal offences have been committed. Inquiries are ongoing. No arrests have been made.”