Indian restaurant owner denies raping lesbian on beach, claims she actually consented to sex

Mohammed Uddin: Man claims lesbian consented to sex during rape trial

An Indian restaurant owner has denied raping a lesbian on a beach in Grimsby, saying that she actually asked for sex and “pulled him on top of her”.

The alleged attack occurred on Cleethorpes beach on August 21 last year. The 36-year-old woman was alone on the beach, drinking heavily after an argument with her girlfriend.

She was approached by Mohammed Uddin, 45, who allegedly asked her to “give [him] a shag”, and assured her that he was “a nice guy”.

As the woman was drinking heavily her memory of the incident is incomplete, but concerned bystanders alerted police when they heard a woman screaming.

A council mobile patrol officer arrived at the scene and found the woman with her top pulled up over her head and no clothes on her bottom half. Her underwear had been left on the beach.

“She was falling around and crawling around saying ‘How did I get here?'” Louise Reevell, prosecuting, told the court.

The woman claimed that Uddin had exposed himself to her before talking about having sex with her, but as she was under the influence of alcohol she wasn’t sure whether he had done it or not.

She told the patrol officer that “she did not like men and was a lesbian”.

“She described not wanting it because she is a lesbian and it’s not something she would do,” Reevell added.

DNA swabs later revealed that Uddin had in fact had sex with her. He denies the charges of rape and assault by penetration, claiming that she not only consented to sex but asked it, and physically pulled him on top of her.

Mohammed Uddin was identified from his car that had been seen in the area. CCTV footage shows him driving off at 11.52pm, approximately seven minutes after the attack is said to have happened.

The trial continues and is scheduled to last four days.