This new dating app LesPark is a dream come true for queer women

This new dating app LesPark is a dream come true for queer women

LesPark is a lesbian dating app based in Asia that has soared in popularity since its inception in 2014, and it’s safe to say it’s a dream come true for queer women.

It’s a social networking app created for lesbian, bisexual and trans women, and it currently has ten million users worldwide.

In other words, an entire app, repeat, an entire app, dedicated to queer women. No longer a ‘search women only’ preference on a ‘straight’ dating app.

The app is intended to help queer women find romantic partners, focusing on one-on-one interactions to create real connections between people.

The LBT+ community has already downloaded the app more than 10 million times, with more than 150,000 broadcast downloads from 30 countries.

Whether finding friends or love, this app has you covered. 

The dating app allows you to post about daily life, from your breakfast to your gym routine, as well as sharing your love story – after you meet the woman of your dreams on LesPark, of course – to your followers.

Moreover, can broadcast about your life, posts pictures and videos, interact with fans in Rice Park and participate in various groups and events in your local area.

“Show your talents, you can show yourself and become a real superstar,” the developers say.

While some may decry social media outlets for being hollow and superficial, LesPark was designed specifically as a space for users to talk freely about their mental health and the issues impacting them.

Moreover, if you’re strapped for pals, the free app can be used to make like-minded friends via the app’s home page.

Its ‘Follow’ and ‘Nearby’ functions make it easy to link with local folks with similar interests.

Making friends on an LGBT+ app. What a concept!

The mobile app’s creators have described LesPark as a place where “you can make friends, become an opinion leader, and share your feelings with other community members”.

For women who are already in relationships, ‘Lovers’ Park’ is a feature that allows you to record and share your love story with your LesPark friends.

“In LesPark, you will be your freest self.”

The app has been designed as a safe space for queer women to discuss “feelings and secrets” that might be difficult to share with family and friends.

It allows users to speak openly about problems they may be facing and “connect to the world 24 hours a day”, which is invaluable for those within the LGBT+ community who may feel isolated or alone.

This app is inclusive and not restricted to just dating, so it’s ideal for those looking for fellow LGBT+ friends as well as those looking for love.

There’s an array of groups available within the app, allowing users to find events and activities based on their location where they can regularly meet with other LGBT+ women in their area.

Offering queer women a space to make friends or fall in love? This is an app that can do both!

Additionally, lesbian influencers have the ability to become LesPark Partners – YouTube couple Bria and Chrissy have a public LesPark ID which allows users to view and interact with their posts.

LesPark’s slogan is “Live for Love” and they have dedicated themselves to “creating a platform for lesbians, bisexual women, and trans lesbians to record and share their lives.”

Since its creation six years ago, the female-only app has seen an increase in features such as video chats and live-streaming features.

The mobile phone app contains a quick-pairing function that works using a swipe right-or-left system, so users will be familiar with the interface when searching for their perfect match.

It gives members the chance to make money from live video broadcasts, along with sharing daily videos with other app users so they can “record their unforgettable moments.”

While those nerves about fake boot accounts can rest easy, as LesPark developers comb through all users to identity and remove any trolls.

The app has since expanded to a branch in Taiwan with a number of creative outlets, including a fan meet tour featuring famous LesPark streamers that spanned across nine cities and had over 1,000 fans in attendance.

LesPark is available now in the App Store and on Google Play.