Jameela Jamil channels The Good Place’s Tahani in epic shut down of her haters

Jameela Jamil as Tahani al-Jamil in The Good Place

Jameela Jamil shut down rumours that she has Munchausen’s syndrome by joking about being in the Illuminati, playing poker with Vladimir Putin and “single-handedly causing climate change with my farts”.

The Good Place actor took the comedic route after Twitter users suggested she might have Mucnhausen’s syndrome, a mental condition which makes people lie about having other illnesses.

Jamil – who last week came out as queer– is a two-time cancer survivor who has a rare connective tissue disorder, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Both of these ailments were called into question by a viral tweet, with social media users also debating whether she had actually been involved in two car accidents and – bizarrely – whether she had been chased by a hive of bees while interviewing producer Mark Ronson.

Jamil spent hours addressing the claims on Twitter, explaining that “being gaslit over your health for entertainment is a very specific pain and trauma that a lot of people with Ehlers Danlos/invisible disability have to face every day”.

After setting the record straight, she proceeded to have a little fun with followers.

After confessing that her signature fringe was actually there to ‘cover a tattoo of [her] own tits’, Jamil joked about living with rappers Biggie and Tupac while having the body of a centaur.

From there the revelations kept on coming, with Jamil (jokingly) admitting to having built the pyramids, assassinating Johns Lennon and Kennedy, and founding her sworn nemesis, Flat Tummy Co.

At the end of her Twitter spree Jameela Jamil thanked her ‘wonderful and hilarious’ supporters who ‘helped this stupid day be a real joy’.

Jameela Jamil came out as queer after voguing backlash.

It’s been a rough few days for Jamil, who on Monday, February 10 addressed the “perfect clusterf**k” that led her to come out as queer.

Jamil found herself on the receiving end of a backlash after it was announced she would appear in a new voguing competition show, Legendary on February 6.

Many complained that she was taking up space which rightfully belonged to the queer community – specifically members of the ballroom scene.

While defending herself Jamil came out as queer, which she subsequently admitted was “bad” timing.

“In a moment of distress and pain, personal things were blurted out,” she wrote on Instagram.