The internet wants Cher and Amanda Seyfried to star in Disney’s live-action Rapunzel remake

Cher and Amanda Seyfried / Rapunzel and Mother Gothel

Disney is said to be developing a live-action Rapunzel, and Twitter wants Amanda Seyfried and Cher to play Tangled characters Rapunzel and Mother Gothel.

Rapunzel will reportedly be the latest in Disney’s highly-lucrative series of live-action remakes, following the likes of Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King.

Details of the project are scant – it isn’t yet known whether the film will be related to the Tangled franchise, for example – but that hasn’t stopped speculation about casting.

If Tangled is indeed the blueprint for the film, fans think there’s only one viable option: Cher and Amanda Seyfried.

A viral tweet pointed out the similarities between the Mamma Mia stars and Tangled’s Mother Gothel and Rapunzel.

The likeness doesn’t end at their looks, as one fan proved by sharing a clip comparing Cher’s mannerisms with Mother Gothel’s.

As many pointed out, Cher is more than qualified for the Rapunzel role vocally.

It was enough to convince a quarter of a million fans who liked the post, including one who told Disney: ‘If it’s not them cancel the movie.’

Disney are reported to be searching for a director for Rapunzel, meaning that any casting decisions are still a while off.

This is perhaps fortunate, seeing as Cher is currently in the middle of a world tour, while at the same time readying a second album of ABBA covers, appearing in DSqaured2 adverts, lobbying Pink to rewrite “Dear Mr President” as a Donald Trump protest track, and antagonising the commander-in-chief at any given opportunity.

While queer Disney fans wait for a Cher-led Rapunzel, there is the small matter of Frozen lead Elsa’s sexuality to debate endlessly.

Elsa’s LGBT+ fans were disappointed when Frozen II didn’t give the snow queen a girlfriend as had been predicted, but rumours suggest that they might finally be vindicated in the yet-to-be-confirmed third instalment.