Gay guy shares moving tribute to his straight best friend on a quest ‘to help gays feel comfortable in their own skin’

TikTok: Gay guy's straight best friend 'on quest to make gays comfortable'

A gay guy’s relationship with his straight best friend melted hearts on TikTok.

TikTok user Adrian Alvarez told the world about his friendship with Hector, an ally who he has known since middle school.

Because they are so close, “a lot of people, including our closest friends” thought that they were dating.

Adrian shared pictures and videos of the pair wearing matching red wigs while paying tribute to Hector’s “fluid boldness to not giving a f**k”.

He wasn’t scared to show that straight guys can be as, if not even more, fem than gays.

“He broke every straight stereotype,” he continued, sharing a series of adorable pictures of the two.

“His dating life was not the best ’cause every girl thought he was gay or dating me.

“He was harassed and questioned about his sexuality all the time, but he din’t care and he was on a quest to make sure that gays felt safe and comfortable with their own skin.”

Adrian ended the video with a picture of the pair air-kissing, writing: “Hector you mean so much to me I love you bro.”

The touching TikTok video sparked an emotional response on Twitter.

A number of people used the opportunity to share their own straight best friends.

Last year gay Twitter took the opportunity to celebrate their straight friends, after a gay nursing student shared an adorable picture of himself with his.

Bryce said that his friend Friend had accompanied him to his nursing school formal after learning that he didn’t have a date and admitting that it “kinda hurt [his] feelings” that he thought he wouldn’t have agreed to go with him because of what others might have said.

“In my opinion, everyone needs a Trent!” he added.