Wrestling legend Chris Jericho comes out as a massive trans ally after meeting trans star Nyla Rose

Chris Jericho comes out as a massive trans ally after meeting Nyla Rose

Wrestling star Chris Jericho had Nyla Rose – the first trans wrestler to be signed to a major league – on his show, and now he’s a massive trans ally.

And we love to see it.

Nyla Rose made history when she was signed by All Elite Wrestling – a new professional wrestling company funded by billionaire Shahid Khan – in February 2019.

She was the first transgender wrestler to be signed by a major league, and now she’s bringing awareness of the fight for trans equality to spaces and people who might previously have been in the dark.

Jericho is a Canadian wrestler, also signed to All Elite Wrestling. He’s a legend in professional wrestling who’s been WWE champion seven times, won six World Titles and toured the US with his heavy-metal band, Fozzy.

And now, he’s a massive trans ally.

Jericho had Rose on his show, ‘Talk Is Jericho’, on 21 February, when the pair discussed her journey as both a wrestler and a trans woman in the sport. Rose opened up about internet trolls, her relationship with family and friends after coming out as trans, and why she takes being a role model so seriously.

Posting a picture of them together on his Instagram page yesterday, Jericho said: “This is one of my favourite episodes of #TIJ ever, as I learned a lot about things I had no idea about. Thanks for the education Nyla!”

And it was then that the anti-trans trolls weighed in.

“Why do you keep saying Her?” someone commented, immediately sparking a toxic row about the validity of trans women.

“Her. HER!” Jericho immediately replied. When quizzed by another commenter about whether Rose is a “true female” from a “biological stand point”, Chris Jericho let them have it.

“Go study the transgender process and get back to me, junior,” he wrote, a slam dunk in a new arena for a wrestling star accustomed to beating his opponents.

Online, Jericho’s strong stance in support of Rose and the trans community delighted his fans.

While Jericho doesn’t have an uncontroversial past when it comes to trans issues – he was criticised for having Donald Trump Junior, who opposed trans women competing in sports, on his show last year – it seems clear that he’s on side for the future.

And what an ally for the trans community to have.