Lady Gaga who? Woman’s rendition of Shallow has whipped the gays into a frenzy like no other

Charlotte Awbery singing Shallow on the tube

Lady Gaga who? We don’t know her. Didn’t she used to sing about poker and clapping?

A star was, well, born on Tuesday after online talkshow host Kevin Freshwater asked a commuter to finish the lyrics to “Shallow” only for her to burst into a rendition that deserves a Grammy, to be honest.

Eagle-eyed Twitter users were quick to identify the camel coat-wearing stranger as British singer and songwriter Charlotte Awbery, the new queen of the gays who is giving them everything they want at a time when Gaga is failing to do so.

The clip, which boasts more than 7.1 million views, sees Freshwater taken aback when Awbery belts out her beautiful voice. Gaga found rotting.

Who is? Who is she? Where did you find her?

Kevin Freshwater hosts a segment of his online show where he pops up to unsuspecting pedestrians and sings a song lyrics asks them to complete it.

Clutching a cup of coffee from Caffé Nero in a subway station, Charlotte Awbery is approached by Freshwater who shouts “finish the lyrics!” before singing the opening verse from “Shallow”.

A slightly confused Awbery then leans in and begins to sing and it was a glorious time to heave ears.

Freshwater happened to assail Awbery, a professional singer who regularly covers top tracks such as Sia’s “Chandelier”.

Following the clip, Awbery’s Instagram following jumped from around 14,000 to more than 42,000 in under a day.

Sing Lady Gaga well and the gays will come. 

Will Lady Gaga ever release LG6?

After “Stupid Love”, a song, reportedly part of Lady Gaga’s upcoming album, was leaked online, fans have been whipped into a frenzy ever since.

A British designer used the unreleased track, "Stupid Love", during a NYFW show and, well, we'll let the meme do the talking. (Screen capture via Twitter)

A British designer used the unreleased track, “Stupid Love”, during a NYFW show and, well, we’ll let the meme do the talking. (Screen capture via Twitter)

The leak proved a fresh test for Gaga’s resilience, as fans have hounded her to officially drop the track.

She responded to the leak with a simple, albeit, passive aggressive meme. While her reaction to gig-goers’s attempts to get her to sing the song was less than warm.

For now, all we can say is this. When will LG6 return from the war?