Pete Buttigieg with a beard is the internet’s new daddy-in-chief

Pete Buttigieg with a beard

It looks as though Pete Buttigieg finally figured out how to win the gay vote.

Buttigieg turned heads with a series of pictures which swapped his usual clean-shaven look for a face full of scruff.

The photos were first shared by Jim Fall, director of such classics as Trick and The Lizzie McGuire Movie, starting with a sensual black and white shot of the Democrat with long stubble, slowly undoing his tie.

Pete Buttigieg, with a beard

Pete Buttigieg, with a beard, slowly undressing. (Facebook/Jim Hall)

In another shot, Buttigieg sports a girthy Tom Selleck-style moustache, smouldering in what appears to be an army barrack.

Pete Buttigieg with a moustache

Is that Freddie Mercury or Mayor Pete? (Facebook/Jim Hall)

Buttigieg’s new look was centrist kryptonite to the thirstier parts of gay Twitter.

Many predicted that a bearded Buttigieg could top not just his Democratic rivals, but Donald Trump too.

Though should politics not work out, some had ideas as to what he could do instead.

Even in London, the gays were powerless to “Daddy Pete’s” appeal.

Sadly, the photos of bearded Buttigieg were nothing but fake news.

Jim Fall told The Advocate. that he created the images using FaceApp after seeing the moustache picture online.

“I think seeing Pete with a beard gives people pause,” he said.

It’s like, dang, he’s smart and sexy. That’s an intoxicating combination.

Fall, who is undecided between Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren, said he hoped the images would spark positive conversations around the former South Bend, Indiana mayor, who has been criticised by many in the queer community for his moderate politics.

“It’s amazing to me that we are living in a time where an out gay married man is a serious contender for the presidency,” Fall said.

“No matter what you feel about his specific politics, the LGBTQ community should be celebrating. I see so many gay men on social media knocking him down, and it’s disheartening. You don’t have to love him or even support him, but don’t disrespect him. Don’t eat your own.”