Pregnant lesbian reduced to tears after cruel homophobe wished death on her unborn baby

A pregnant lesbian woman was pelted with verbal abuse by a stranger while shopping in a supermarket, leaving her "shaken". (Stock photo via Unsplash/Andrew Seaman)

Shopping for groceries with her girlfriend, a pregnant lesbian woman burst into tears after a stranger cruelly said he hopes her “baby dies”.

At a Coles supermarket in Brisbane, Australia, Ebony and her girlfriend were busy grabbing fresh vegetables and household essentials when a man approached the pair and made the cutting comments that have left both shaken and fearful of their baby’s safety.

Ebony’s girlfriend Lisa is weary of her returning to the store alone, the Courier-Mail reported, in an attack she described as “vile” and “disgusting”.

Pregnant lesbian left ‘shaken’ after being told her baby should die. 

Lisa described how Ebony was “just going about her day when a man she described as being in his mid-50s – completely unprovoked – told her: ‘I hope your baby dies, it’s better off without you.'”

The brutal broadside left the couple stunned and shocked to the point of tears. In the middle of the supermarket aisle, they chose to flee the store rather than retaliate against the man.

“It affected us for days,” Lisa continued. “It shook Ebony up a lot and caused unnecessary concern for the baby.

“I guess as an expectant mum, she was already filled with concern, so someone saying something like that plays on your worst fears.”

Brookside Shopping Centre manager Russel Shaw told the paper that he had not been informed of the incident.

“But I would certainly encourage anyone in that instance to report it immediately to the store, our security and to our police beat on-site at the centre so action can be taken,” he explained.

The couple explained that the experience is not uncommon for them as a same-sex couple raising a child and have endured criticism in the past.

By spotlighting this incident, they said, they hope to raise awareness of the prejudice same-sex parents are pelted with just for raising children.

Moreover, the incident comes just weeks after Australian authorities were forced to escort a woman hurling homophobic abuse at a tram driver in Melbourne.