Angela Stanton-King, ‘car thief’ who conflates LGBT+ rights with paedophilia, to run for Congress as a Republican

Angela Stanton-King with Donald trump

Anti-LGBT+ Republican Angela Stanton-King, who was pardoned by Trump for her involvement in a car theft ring, is running for Congress.

Stanton-King announced last week she will challenge Georgia Democratic congressman and civil rights hero John Lewis for his seat in the House of Representatives.

Stanton-King has previously spent two years in prison over federal conspiracy charges for her role in a car theft ring, but was handed a pardon by Donald Trump in February.

US President Donald Trump with Angela Stanton-King, far right.

US President Donald Trump with Angela Stanton-King, far right.(NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images)

The Republican hopeful has a long, long history of sharing extreme anti-LGBT+ content on social media – claiming that gay men should not be allowed in men’s locker room, and struggling to understand the difference between LGBT+ people and paedophiles.

Angela Stanton-King has a disgusting anti-LGBT+ record.

Just last week, Stanton-King tweeted a meme of a rainbow handgun to the head of a man, with the message: “LGBT ‘Rights’. 1995: We want tolerance. 2005: We want equality. 2015: Bake the f##### cake, bigot. 2016: Say my pronouns or go to jail. 2020: Let me f### your 8 yo kid, pedophobe.”

Stanton-King has also publicly attacked NBA player Dwyane Wade for accepting his transgender daughter Zaya, tweeting: “If you wouldn’t want your 12 yr old daughter advertising that she enjoys sex with men/boys why your 12 yr old son? This is confusion, pedophilia, and sexual exploitation wrapped up in acceptance.”

In other messages, she wrote: “Trump’s WhiteHouse: Make America Great. Obama’s WhiteHouse: Make America Gay.”

In February she hit out at Pete Buttigieg for discussing his same-sex relationship with a young supporter, tweeting: “Why should boys as young as 9 have pride in being gay? How do they know they like the feeling of something hard being rammed up their rectum? Why would you tell a child he’s brave for liking penis? Because that’s all gay means. I’m curious.”

Republican candidate claimed child abuse turns people gay.

In more dated posts, Stanton-King displays even more extreme anti-LGBT+ animus.

In 2013, she tweeted: “You’d be surprised how many males have told me they are gay bc they were molested! This is serious!”

The same year, she wrote: “Allowing a gay male in a male locker room is just like allowing straight men in female locker rooms.”

In 2012, she wrote: “Y’all want me 2 tell my sons it’s ok 2 be gay, naaaawww☝ I can’t do that! That’s what man says, that’s not in the Word.

“If all turn Gay then we won’t have to worry about abortions BC no children will be conceived. Its all a threat 2 the sanctity of Human life.”

In another somewhat prophetic message sent in 2012, she suggested: “If its ok 2 be gay, then it should be ok 2 lie, steal & kill, as the Bible clearly speaks against it all!”

That’s one way to justify conspiracy car theft, we suppose.