Trans model and make-up guru Nikita Dragun hits back at Blackfishing accusations

Nikita Dragun: Trans model hits back at 'Blackfishing' claims

Make-up guru Nikita Dragun has had to defend herself on social media against Blackfishing claims.

Blackfishing is when someone alters their physical appearance through things like spray tans and makeup to change people’s perception of their race.

People commonly do this to appear as though they have more stereotypically Black features.

‘Why is Nikita Dragun so damn dark now?’

In a now-deleted tweet, a user wrote: “Why is Nikita Dragun so damn dark now.”

Dragun defended herself and responded to the tweet with a picture of herself when she was younger which shows her with a tan, explaining that she because she is Mexican and Vietnamese and therefore tans easily.

Dragun tweeted: “‘Cus my mum’s Mexican and my dads Viet… other races get tan but go off.”

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Some were quick to point out that even with Dragun’s heritage, it’s obvious that she gets a spray tan.

Dragun replied explaining that she can’t go in the sun anymore because her family is at high risk of skin cancer.

Trans model is no stranger to controversy. 

Last year, the beauty blogger was caught in another scandal when she posted pictures of her wearing box braids, a protective hairstyle typically worn by Black women. 

Dragun addressed the cultural appropriation claims directly by posting an Instagram picture of her wearing box braids accompanied by a caption explaining her choice to wear them. 

In the post, the model expressed her love and appreciation for Black women and explained that she found the hairstyle beautiful which is why she decided to try it.

“I would just like to take this moment to show my love and appreciation for all the gorgeous Black women in my life and also to those that follow me,” she wrote.

“I was inspired to do this box braid wig because I find it so beautiful.

“Too often there’s a double standard when another person takes inspiration from Black culture.”

Dragun is just one of many celebrities caught up in Blackfishing and cultural appropriation scandals.

Stars including Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian have also been hit with claims.

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